"I have an idea," said Mischa. "How about we all PANIC!"

"Panicking," said Rezul thoughtfully. "I like panicking. Hey Becca, can we panic?"

Becca frowned. "I don't know. . . That might not help much."

"Of course it will," Mischa said, her entire marshmallow self quivering with indignity. "Everybody knows that when you are about to be attacked by meatloaf you should panic."

"But it's Lyndsey who's gonna be, uh, attacked," Rezul looked quite uncomfortable. "I don't think her mother will be too happy about this."

"Probally not," Mischa sighed. "Ok, so how are we gonna save her?"

"Um," said Becca, looking around. "Maybe we could. . . Do something!"

"What a novel idea," Mischa growled. "Well go ahead and do something."

Becca placed her hands on her hips and surveyed the situation. Lyndsey was backing up slowly, her wide eyes fixed in horror on the dryer wearing meatloaf that were creeping towards her making soft little "watermelons" at her.

"Guys," Lyndsey called, a note of panic creeping into her voice. "HELP!"

"That's it!" Said Becca, looking very proud.

"What!?" Exclaimed Rezul and Mischa together.

"We should most definitely do something."

"Becca," said Mischa menacingly," if you don't come up with something right now I'll bite you."

"And believe me," said Rezul. "You haven't been bitten until you've been bitten by a marshmallow."

"Oh please," said Becca, rolling her eyes.

"Becca!" Mischa cried. "Lyndsey needs our help!"

"I KNOW!" Becca yelled.

"Um," marshmallow, girl and imaginary friend all turned to look at Matt, who looked rather exasperated," why doesn't Lyndsey just take off the washing machine."

Mischa looked at Rezul, who looked at Mischa, and together they looked at Becca.

"What?!" She asked. "That would've been smart and I you know that I am NOT allowed to be smart."

"Lyndsey," Mischa yelled. "Take off the washing machine."

Carefully, with much gulping and nervous glancing, Lyndsey slid out of the washing machine and backed slowly, very slowly, away. The meatloaf immediately pounced on the dryer with much slurping and wild cries.

"Now that is disgusting," Mischa said to Becca, but Becca had turned to Matt.

"You're awfully smart," she said with raised eyebrows. "Don't you like, run the world or something?"

"Yeah," said Matt lazily, flicking imaginary dust off his shoulder. "It's a hard job, but hey, somebody's gotta do it. Sure it takes a lot of time an brains and charm, but that's why there are studmuffins like me."

"I see," said Becca.

"Uh-oh," said Lyndsey.

"I get beat up all the time, of course," Matt continued with a dramatic sigh. "When you run the entire world, you run with the tough crowd."

"How brave," said Lyndsey. "Now, if you are quite done being so smug, I think we should escape."

"Of course," said Matt with a smile. He bowed. "After you, ladies."

"You're such a guy," said Becca, hooking her arm through Matt's as she passed.

"You have no idea," he replied with a roughish grin, falling into step beside her.

Lyndsey and Mischa looked at each other behind their backs as they followed.

"This could be bad," said Mischa, looking a little frightened.

"Uh-oh," repeated Lyndsey. "I second that. The Evil Napkin Lady and the Evil Genius."

"Hey!" Matt called back over his shoulder. "I'm not evil, I'm a victim of circumstance!"

"What was circumstantial about trying to eat me?" Mischa yelled back. "And the tic-tacs, poor things, what did you do to them?"

"Nothing much," Matt smiled. "They just kinda fell madly in love with yours truly."

"They probably couldn't help themselves," Becca added. "Who in their right mind could?"

"Are you in your right mind?" Matt asked, looking sideways at her.

"I don't have a mind to be right in," Becca replied, not looking at him. "I'm a mindless napkin killer."

"Really? Sounds. . . Kinda sexy."

"I don't know which one of you I feel sorrier for," Mischa said, throwing up her hands.

"What?" Said Becca and Matt together.

"You two, together?" Lyndsey said, raising her eyebrows.

"You know," Matt said, stopping and looking slyly at Becca. "I'm kinda sensing some kinda vibes off you. Do you. . . You know. . . Do you like me? Or am I just reading air."

"Matt dear," said Becca," you're. . . Uh. . . You're. . . Too short, yes, too short."

"Heightist," Rezul gasped, staggering back a step in horror.

"Don't be such a hippopotamus," Becca snapped, shaking her finger at him.

"Oh," Matt said. He laughed a little. "Um, ok, how about you girls stay right here while me and Rago scout out across the drawbridge."

"Rezul," the tall IF corrected him as they walked out across the drawbridge. "You know, she's really not so bad once you get past the napkin thing."

"You do like him!" Lyndsey exclaimed, rounding on Becca, who jumped back looking very startled.

"Like?" She asked. "I don't know about that. . ."

"You do!" Lyndsey cried, jumping up and down with glee. "You do! You do! You do!"

"Lyndsey Marie Hild!" Becca gasped, blushing madly and grabbing Mischa's arm. "I do no such thing. Mischa, tell her to be reasonable."

"I don't know," Mischa said, looking suddenly very sinister. "You do make an awfully cute couple. Evil Becca? Evil Matt? It could work."

"Honestly," Becca said, turning her back on them huffily. "You people don't know anything about anything. I. . . I don't like him. Admire him maybe."

Mischa and Lyndsey looked at each other, and started giggling.

"Look," said Becca, angrily turning back to them. "He's the most wonderful guy in the entire world. Alright? He's a little lotta hunka hunka burnin' love. Ok? Studmuffin, hottie, genius, all around nice guy, (when he's not seducing tic-tacs), what am I supposed to do!?"

"Somebody's got a crush," Mischa whispered loudly to Lyndsey.

"I do not have a crush!" Becca yelled, stamping her foot. "I-I-I'm just. . . I'm . . I'm not talking to you anymore," and she turned around again.

Lyndsey and Mischa, choking back their laughter, turned back towards the drawbridge. Matt and Rezul appeared.

"Come on Ladies and Marshmallow!" Rezul hollored. "It's alright, we manly type men have cleared out all the wild beasties."

"All clear!" Matt yelled, looking quite pleased with himself.

Becca trailed after Lyndsey and Mischa, pretending not to be silently watching Matt. The secret agent and the marshmallow went to Rezul, all three stood watching as Becca went up to Matt.

"Hey baby," said Matt.

"I. . . Um. . . I. . ." Becca stuttered, blinking.

"You what?"

Becca threw her arms around his neck and kissed him squarely, forcefully on the mouth. Matt fell backwards and Becca fell on top of him. Passionate kissing ensued.

"That," said Mischa," is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen."

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