Underneath this mask, you can't see,
The person, the driving force, that is me.
You may think you know me, but that never is true,
Stop holding your breath, you don't look good in blue.
Our motivations and emotions, are the things we try to hide,
But you'll never know, because your on the wrong side.
We try to stop people, greedy and unpure,
They'll use these things against us, of this we're so sure.
Why waste your precious time trying so hard to guess,
Sooner or later, because of all the maybe's, your mind will turn into a mess.
Some people hide their reasons; their hows and whos and whys,
They hide it all behind a mask, a mask that is made of lies.
So stop trying to wonder, stop trying to work it out, for you may never know,
For those who hide behind a mask, as far as you'll get to the truth, is only the things they'll show.