My Ethereal Protector

I often used to wish

There was someone I could dish

Out all my feelings to

See me bare and true

Hold me while I cried

Till all my tears dried

Not try to prevent me

But just simply feel me

Not tell me to compromise

On all the dreams deep in my eyes

Not condemn me when I held

Close to me for which I dwelled

Not tell me I am always wrong

But a cut above the throng

Not advise me to give in

When taken for a spin

Instead just be there

Whenever I feel the need to share

Until I discovered

This being I had revered

Was not a fleeting dream

But within my very seam

And now I can be bold

Because I have been told

I will be protected

From what is and not expected

I think that it is odd

It took me so long to find my GOD!