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What was wrong? I gave everything to her, my life, my heart, my soul, and she just tramples it on the ground. She has a boyfriend now, guess I should not bother her anymore, but the pain and agony is way too much to bear. She gets MSN and finally starts conversations with me. Eventually she told me that I would never be her boyfriend, simply because I'm not her kind. This is cruel. Everything I have done for the past year and a half has been for her, and now she is throwing it right back in my face. Well I did not care, I am going to continue my chase for the one girl I have ever loved in my life. Eventually, affection became an annoyance, love a disease, and she throws me something that has wrecked my confidence even until today:

A love poem or two Is a sweet thing to do, But when you go overboard I really get bored.

So I beg you please stop trying Cause I know my heart ain't lying. The boy I like really ain't you, Though a love poem or two Is a sweet thing to do.

And though I hope we'll always be friends, That's where our relationship will end.

Gosh, that is very diplomatic. I write her 42 poems. and this is what I get in return. Then she gets her best friend into this. Her best friend tells me to stop following her (Angela). Her name was Angelina, yeah what are the chances. Angelina tells me that Angela has a stable boyfriend now. Fuck. All I can think of is her. Angelina also tells me im screwing up Angela and her boyfriend's relationship. She forces Angela to block me, I guess she thought I was a bad guy who only lusted for Angela. I wish she only knew.

***A Few days later***

Angelina came online. She told me she'll tell Angela to unblock me and that she was sorry. She said that Angela had been crying when she was told she had to block me. She said something about Angela mumbling about how I was one of her best friends. Well. everything seemed to be fine now. I get to talk to Angela, but something is missing now. I am so reserved with her. I am trying my hardest not to be a problem between her and her boyfriend. Angelina and I became quite good friends after that. We cleared up a lot of our misunderstandings, we discussed a lot of some human nature stuff, she was a talented girl, and so similar to Angela. to whom all my heart was still set on. Then I had an idea. a wonderful idea that could give me a chance with Angela.