I wrote this song back in eigth grade. My English teacher assigned each student to write a song, and having recently read "Zlata's Diary," I decided to write about the Bosnian war. Zlata has been called "the Anne Frank of Sarejevo," and her book me moved me to write about the experience of a child living in Bosnia. It is *not* about Zlata.

When Will It End?
by Bria
Written in '94 or '95

She sits in a corner, fear in her eyes
A bullet flies through the air, her parents lay dead
She wonders when this stupid war will end

When will they learn?
When will they see?
When will this stupid war end permanently?

As the shells erupt, she slowly starves
No food inside, outside a war
She wants to die, just so she doesn't hear the slaughter anymore

When will this stop?
When will this end?
When will there be no more land to defend?

On a hot day in May
She goes away
On this Earth she no longer stays

The war rages on
The children lay dead
When will this stupid war come to an end?

Belief and land, prejudice and hate
The fabric of war, flying over Bosnia, like a flag
Happy colors are no more