My affection is like a message in a bottle
Never replied, never mentioned, never wanted
Drifting aimlessly in the sea of loneliness
Vulnerable to the storms of depression and pain
The finale of our story has already been written
And there will be no epilogue, and no sequel
Everything has been given, nothing could be done
My love is ignored, eventually forgotten
Tears melts my heart, pains rips my mind
In search for peace from the horrid reality
That intelligence is frowned upon, artistry opposed
Romance abolished, and love spat on
Only the evils of lust and greed live forever
To crush my heart and stain my future
You are my only ointment for the gash in my soul
Your embrace the cure for the cancer of obsession
I don't want the fiery passion many long for
Not the worldly wealth and the shadow of mankind
Just an embrace, just a whisper, just a word
Satisfies me forever.
I just miss you.
I just love you.