A/N: OK, this is on 9/11. I was trying to imagine what it might have been like for someone who was in the towers at the time. Yes, the topic has been beaten to beyond death, but I would like to see how successful [or not] I was in looking through the eyes of a World Trade Center worker. Anyway, enjoy! Oh and Disclaimer: I OWN THIS AND ALL WRITINGS AND ORIGINAL CHARACTERS I CREATE, SO NO TAKING WITHOUT PERMISSION, AND YOU MUST GIVE ME CREDIT IF YOU USE ANYTHING HERE OR IN MY OTHER WORKS! Sorry, I just don't want to be a victim of plagiarism. Now, without further ado.

Actually, one more thing: THIS was the version I meant to post. Finally, it's not all scrunched up! Yay! NOW, without further ado.


Here I drift, in the sweet nothingness called sleep.

The alarm goes off blaring The Zoo at 6:30

But I don't wake up until 7:15

I put on a silky crimson blouse and black dress pants and brush my long raven hair

Rush out the door and stop at a nearby Starbucks before boarding the bus

I peer at my watch while drinking the steamy brown liquid

Panic at what I see

It is 7:30, and I have to be at work by 9:00

Commute takes about two hours on a good day

I look out the window and see gridlock on the Brooklyn Bridge and groan

This will be my 10th time this month that I am tardy, and I'm not exaggerating

I get off the bus and walk- run, actually- down the block to where my office is:

The 100th floor.

I check the time again, 8:50

I'll be lucky if my boss doesn't fire me for being late again

Fire is just the word, for when I finally get to my office

That is when it hits.

Piercing, blazing, soaring swords

Through the stony, gray humdrum of my life

As well as through the concrete and steel walls of the renowned tower

I run from the inevitable, and not unpunctuality this time

Waves of flame, flashing darkness, biting pain, and fate

Surging toward me.

I try to swim though the thick sea of ebony smoke and people

With the same goal as I: to escape what we know is coming

I rush, I pray, I hope, I prepare for the worse

I take back what I said before about luck; I would be lucky to survive this

Then the two seas collide.

My skin, hair, eyes, nerves liquefying and my blood evaporating by the furious inferno

Screams of unfathomable agony and terror akin to that of bond sheep being led to the slaughter all around me

I drift into that black, desolate, incinerating sea,

Into oblivion.