My Death

I wake up every morning

Feeling lonely and displaced

I want to be somebody else

My mother does not believe in me

My father does not care

All my friends have betrayed me

Dear God. where do I fit in?

I can't even take the person that I have become

Every night I cry myself to sleep and bury all the pain

So all the tears were silent inside yeah see

I cant do anything right

I am always called names

Everyone makes me feel like I am dumb

I just want to die

Then all the pain and frustrations might go away

Maybe once I die I can come back to earth

But as a person who is well liked and was not misunderstood

Maybe this time I will have good parents

That will like, believe, and love me

Maybe I can find true friends

Who I will be able to trust and count on

Just maybe

I hope I'm making the right decision this one time

No one will miss me

No one will care

They all probably want me gone and out of their lives

I wonder if I will even have a funeral?

I wonder who will come?

Hopefully in my next life.I will smile for the first time (