I'm So Confused
SUnday, September 22nd 2002
Every twenty-four hours
A moonrise brings pain.
Every sixty minutes
My life begins to wane.

With every minute that concludes
With every moment that's gone
I feel there's something I'm about to lose.
I sing a sad, lonesome song.

Although the seconds pass by when I'm alone with you
The memories lasting forever, but inside they'll brew
And I'll look at our relations, critiquing what I blew
Forgetting what we're meant to be, what is so true.

I'm so confused, I don't know what to believe
Whether to stay, commit, forget or leave?
My mind says one thing, my heart another
I know what doesn't kill me only makes me tougher.

I feel that love inside has faded
My life now serves no purpose
To love again, I'd have my life be traded
I'd give myself to you if only I wasn't cursed.

By Trevor Wallace