Perturbed Irishman Rants
Sunday, September 22nd 2002

Fuck this shit
My life is meaningless
Why the hell are we here?
What the fuck am I supposed to be doing?

Why, what, when, how, where?
I don't know the answers
I only wish someone was here.

This world we live in
Is subjected to such criticism
Nobody can be themselves
Without society kicking them in the ass

For once, I'd just like to meet someone like me
Who doesn't give a fuck about others' opinions
Who could care less about what you think
Who just wants to live life, regardless of the consequences.

Tell me why things have to be this way
Tell me why I can't live MY life everyday!

Why the fuck is my mind so screwed up?
In a world where money, sex and power rule
I wonder where my morals lay
In this mixed up, mother fucking world.

Its such a bitch to stay alive each day
Wondering if it was worth it not to end it all.

by Trevor Wallace