As I Look Into Your Eyes

As I look into your eyes,

I see the sunrise;

And I'm taken through a tunnel,

Straight through to your soul.

I see all the emotions,

You have stored away.

I feel all the things,

That you wish me to say.

I cry and I cry,

Because of all the pain I have brought.

I bleed within my soul,

For all the loses for which I fought.

There's nothing I can say.

There's no more I can do.

All that I know is how much I love you.

And I pray to my God,

Every night and every day,

That some how our love,

Will find its way.

All that I know,

Is that my heart is at stake.

So I'm writing this to you,

With love and with care,

Constantly reminding myself

Love Isn't Fair.

I look back on last night,

To give myself strength;

Cause I know all those words

Were anything but lies.

So I bleed within my soul,

As I look into your eyes.