A/N: Okay, here's something I wrote in 9th grade. We had to write a radio play, and this is what I came up with. It's a bit lame, but hey. Anyway, as always, enjoy! And as always, NO PLAGERIZING! THAT MEANS EVERYTHING IN THIS PLAY BELONGS TO ME, AND YOU MUST ASK FIRST BEFORE USING ANYTHING HERE IN YOUR OWN WRITING! Thank you.

Scene 1

Narrator: It is an overcast, gray evening on a mild fall day. The weather is not the only thing that's gloomy, however. Carina: [in a tearful yet angry tone] How could he do this to me? What did I do that's so wrong that I deserved this hell? Hara: [comforting her] Carina, it's not worth it. He'll come around. Carina: But don't you see? I ruined everything. Hara: How? All you did was show your feelings. It's human to feel emotions. And besides, he was probably so taken aback and acted adversely towards you because ... Carina: Don't even say it. That would never happen. Hara: Come on, don't be like that. Let's go get ice cream or something, get your mind off of him. Carina: Alright, I guess. It's just that first my grandmother, who was like a mother to me, passes away, and now this. It makes me afraid to trust and love anyone since I'll probably lose them sooner or later anyway. Amazing how, despite its inevitability, loss and death bring so much shock and pain. Hara: Don't talk like that. I'm sure as hell not going anywhere anytime soon, so stop worrying. I'm sure you'll bump into someone better soon. Carina: Yeah, I guess. Narrator: Suddenly a large crudely dressed boy collides into Carina. They both fall onto wood boxes and metal garbage cans, which clang onto the ground. [sound of breaking wood and metal banging on the floor] Carina: Hey, watch it! Crudely dressed boy: [helps her up] Sorry about that! Are you ok? Why were you in my way? Carina: Yeah, no thanks to you. And what do mean why am I in your way? You ran into me, you clumsy jerk! Boy: [sniffs] If you say so. Anyway, I'm sorry. It's just that- Bunch of angry voices: Don't let him get away! Hurry! Boy: [startled and terrified] Listen, I really didn't mean to run you over like that. My name's Kyle Jenkins and there are people after me for some reason. Carina: Why am I not surprised?

Kyle: What's that supposed to mean? [realizes] Hey, you can't judge a book by its cover. If so, then you must be gorgeous person inside since your cover is so pretty. Carina: [sardonically] Flattered. Now, why are people after you? Kyle: The reason is so ludicrous! It's because- Angry voices: There he is! Sic 'im! Kyle: Damn, they're onto me. Listen, I'll explain later, okay, Miss No- Name? Carina: [bitingly] My name is Carina if you're dying to know. Kyle: Then you just revived me. Later. Narrator: Kyle runs off into the distance. Hara: Kyle Jenkins, huh? Why does that sound so familiar? Carina: That I don't know. But what I do is that he's a real jackass. But why do I feel strangely drawn to him? Narrator: They continue down the street.

Scene 2

Narrator: Carina is walking down the street one night when she overhears a conversation between a middle aged man and a punk boy in a darkened alley. Man: Have you seen that kid lately? He hasn't been coming to work. Boy: You mean that Jenkins kid? No, I haven't seen him. Carina: [in her mind] Jenkins? Isn't that the jackass I bumped into the other day? Man: I actually feel a little sorry for him. First his parents get gunned down while he was eating out with them, then his aunt, his only living blood relative, turns away from him along with everyone else. It's sad, really. Still, he must pay for what he did. Boy: What did he do? Man: [getting emotional] What did he do? I'll tell you what he did! He bludgeoned me within an inch of my life with a two by four, then raped and murdered my wife right in front of my very eyes! Not only that, he also stole ten thousand dollars in cash plus the gold watch that my father had left to me! That's what he did and why I want him brought to me alive so I can inflict the same pain he did on me and then some. Boy: So that's it. All right, I'll find that son of a bitch for you. That wasn't a manly thing he did. It was cold-blooded and cowardly. Man: Damn straight. I'll pay you dearly for his ass. Just don't kill him, but if he resists, then you may hurt him. I want to see him die a slow and torturous death at my hands. Boy: I see. I'll do what I can sir. Man: That's music to my ears. You make sure you do. Narrator: The boy departs, not noticing Carina, who stands in a daze. Carina: [to herself] I knew he was a jerk, but I never thought he'd be a murderer. [Sound of footsteps] Kyle: Where do you get off eavesdropping on other people's conversations? Carina: [startled] Who. oh, it's you. Kyle: Listen; what you just heard isn't true. Carina: And why should I believe you? Kyle: Why should you believe some man on the street, a stranger, instead of me, someone you know? Carina: I've learned not to trust anyone, especially a jackass like you. Kyle: At least listen to my side of the story, please. Carina: [sighs] Okay, I'm listening. Spill. Kyle: [takes a deep breath] That man's name is Barker, the ringleader of the city's most powerful gang, the Bloods. He's got this crazy idea that I raped and murdered his wife. I'd kill in self-defense, but I would never rape or intentionally kill anyone. Carina: That's hard to believe. Kyle: Believe it. It's true. Carina: [warily] I'm sure it is. Kyle: Anyway, some Bloods walked by the restaurant my parents and I was eating in, took out AK-47s and just blatantly shot them through the window. They died instantly. Carina: If that's true, then why do you have a blank expression on your face? Kyle: Just because I don't cry like a baby doesn't mean I can't feel grief and pain. I don't even know why I'm telling you all this. I'm not even supposed to trust anyone or show my feelings, but somehow I feel that you can relate, that you have these same feelings. Don't ask me why, but I do. [Sound of nearby gunshots and breaking glass] Kyle: [startled] Get down! Narrator: He pushes Carina to the ground and lays on top of her as glass showers over them and bullets fly over them. [More gunshots and breaking glass] Kyle: [starting to get up] I think they're gone. Must be Barker's hoodlums again. Carina: This has happened before? Kyle: Yeah, a lot of times. You're welcome by the way. Carina: Oh yeah, thanks for saving my life just now. Kyle: Anytime. You realize this doesn't make us friends. Carina: So you've got the same trust adaptation as I do. I knew you were calloused, but I never expected that. Kyle: You're just full of surprises. Carina: So are you. Kyle: I'm sure you already heard about the aftermath of my parent's deaths. How my aunt, my last blood relative, refused to take me in and how all my friends ditched me. They believed that I was dangerous and became terrified of me. Carina: I can see why. Kyle: [irate] You know, you can such a bitch sometimes. After all I've told you and just now, you're still copping that attitude? You are unbelievable! Narrator: He swings at her. Carina dodges and his fist comes in contact with glass instead of human flesh. [sound of breaking glass and groans of pain] Carina: I could say the same for you. But seriously, I know how it is to be alone. Kyle: [nursing his injured hand and grimacing in pain] You? I don't believe it. You seem like a happy normal person, someone with people to trust and who would always be there for her. What about that girl that was with you when I ran you over? Carina: She's a friend of mine. Why? Kyle: Just wondering. At least you've got someone. Later. Carina: Hey, wait! Narrator: Kyle run off into the darkness. Hara approaches. Hara: I overheard you and Kyle just now. I've heard he has extremely violent mood swings. This confirms it. Carina: I agree. Hara: He could have put you in the ER just now. You should be careful Carina: That's true. But I feel bad for him at the same time, even if he is a creep. I couldn't imagine being in his shoes. Hara: I see what you mean. But don't let your guard down. It could cost you your life. Carina: Or your happiness at least. Narrator: They walk toward Carina's house, unaware of the shadowy figures that lurked toward them. They had heard every word of the two recent conversations.

Scene 3 Narrator: Carina and Hara are standing at a small rundown house that Carina calls home. Carina looks around cagily. Hara: Is something wrong? Carina: I get the feeling that we're being watched. Hara: [looks around and sees no one] You're probably just edgy from your talk with Kyle. Come on. Let's go inside. Carina: Right. Narrator: She is about to open the door when Kyle appears. His shoulder is bleeding, his clothes are ripped, and his eye is beginning to swell. Hara: [edgily and warily] What are you doing here? Carina: What happened to you? Barker's men came after you again? Kyle: [weakly] You guessed it. I really thought they'd get me this time. Surprisingly, I barely got away and here I am. Hara: How'd you find this place? Kyle: Coincidence. I wandered around looking for somewhere to hide and here I am. Hara: Don't believe him, Carina. He could be up to something. Carina: In the condition he's in? That's highly unlikely. Hara: Were you not the one who said that no one can be trusted in this world? Carina: Yes, but somehow I am beginning to think that that's not entirely true. Hara: You've only spoken to him twice in your whole life! How could you trust him already, especially considering what you've been through? Carina: Oh yeah. After two years of knowing and trusting him, he pulls this on me. Kyle: Pulls what? Carina: It's a long story, but here's the cliff note's version. I was a close friend with this boy for two years. Recently, I developed intense feelings for him. When he caught wind of that, he debunked the friendship. Just like that. [She snaps her fingers] Kyle: So that's it. Don't worry about him. Someone better will come along soon. Carina: Surprising hearing that from you, but thanks. Kyle: You could thank me by allowing me to hide out in your house while I figure something out. Hara: [sarcastically] Now he's inviting himself into your house. That's just great. Carina: All right. You can stay. After all, you did save my life tonight. Kyle: [taken aback] I didn't expect this. Thank you. Carina: I hope you realize that this is only temporary. Kyle: Yeah, yeah, I know. Narrator: They all enter the house, oblivious to the silhouettes in the adjacent alley.

Scene 4

Narrator: The trio stand in Carina's living room. It is sparsely furnished with four chairs and a table. Some of the floorboards are loose and creaky. They all sit down. Carina: That wound looks bad. I better get a wet towel. Narrator: She goes into the bathroom and comes back out with two wet hand towels. She wraps one around Kyle's shoulder and puts the other on his puffy eye. Carina: Now just hold that in place and try not to move around more than you need to. Kyle: Look, I appreciate this and everything, but why are you doing this for me? Carina: For what you did tonight and because I know how it is to feel all alone in the world. Kyle: Isolation is not just a feeling for me. It's a reality. Carina: Not anymore. Kyle: When you say that, I get this warm feeling. Like there's hope that it's actually true. [Sound of door banging against a wall] Barker: So! This is where you've been hiding, you little bastard! Kyle: How many times must I tell you?! It wasn't me! Barker: The only thing worse than a murdering rapist is a lying murdering rapist! Kyle: If you're so sure that I did it, why don't you turn me in already! Barker: [lets out a cynical laugh] That's partly because of my reputation and partly because I want to exact my own sweet revenge! [Calls over his shoulder] All right, boys, take him! And kill those two girls! Kyle: That's right, kill them! But kill that one first! Narrator: He points at Carina. Carina: [shocked and hurt] So you're backstabbing me too? Kyle: [coldly] You were a fool to trust me. You were right to say that no one in this world can be trusted. Because it's true. Carina: You traitorous bastard! Hara: [laughs disdainfully] I can't just watch anymore! It's so comical, the way you never figured it out! Kyle: [confused] Figured what out? Hara: Ah yes, time to reveal the truth. Barker: What the hell are you talking about, girl? Hara: You are both so gullible. Especially you, Barker. You really thought you knew who your wife's murderer was? Barker: Of course I know! It's that little scumbag right there! Kyle: You're the scumbag! Hara: Settle down, boys. You'll get some in a moment. Anyway, Barker, do you really trust your memories? Barker: Of course I do! Hara: Even after you've consumed a mind-altering drug, one that changes memories according to the administrator's whims? Barker: What are you talking about? Hara: [groans in frustration] You still don't get it, do you?! Well, let me spell it out for you; I killed your wife! [Everyone gasps] Carina: Is this true, Hara? Do you even know what you are saying? Hara: I know damn well what I'm saying and yes it is true! Carina: I don't believe this. Not you too? Hara: Believe it babes, it's doesn't get any more real than this! Barker: Now I'm starting to remember. Why did you do it? And how did you manage to slip that drug into me? Hara: Simple. Your gang killed my little brother during one of their heists, so I wanted to return the favor. And I laced your glass with the drug. It's odorless and tasteless and has no side effects save drowsiness. Barker: And I thought it was just unbearable grief that made me so tired that day. Now I know the truth. Hara: Yes. Now it's time to join your wife. By the way, Carina, I was the one who shot at you and Kyle tonight. Carina: Nothing shocks me anymore. But why? Hara: Why? You pride yourself on being all tough and untrusting when in reality you're just a naïve sensitive fool. I'm sick of comforting you of pain that you could have prevented! But let's see how you handle this. Narrator: Hara takes out a pistol, points it at Kyle, and pulls the hammer back, then squeezes the trigger. [Gunshot sound] Carina pushes Kyle out of the way before the bullet can reach him. She groans and falls on the floor clutching her shoulder. Hara: [incredulous] I don't believe it. After what he did to you, you're still defending him? Carina: [wincing with pain] Of course. My trust may have been destroyed, but my caring hasn't. Kyle: [shocked and regretful] Carina! I'm so sorry. Are you all right? Narrator: He takes the towel off of his shoulder and wraps it around Carina's. Carina: [protesting] Don't worry about me. I'm fine. You need it more than I do. Kyle: No. You take it. I owe you more than I can ever pay back. This is but a small token of my thanks. Narrator: They look directly into each other's eyes. Hara: This is so sweet it's giving me cavities! Take this! Narrator: She raises her pistol. Barker draws a Uzi. Barker: Aren't you forgetting someone? Narrator: Before anyone can move, they both fire at each other are the same time. [Gunshot sounds] They both fall to the ground. Barker: My dear wife, I'm coming to join you soon! Hara: Little brother, big sis's coming! Narrator: They breathe their last breath and close their eyes forever. Kyle: Wow. I can't believe that it's finally over. I don't have to be on the run anymore. Carina: I hear you. Hara. I never that she was capable of such things. Kyle: You can't judge a book by its cover. Carina: If you could, then you'd be the crudest book in existence. But I know that's not the case. Narrator: They embrace. And so ends the story of finding trust and reliability. There's a saying that goes "All's well that ends well". It is a trite phrase but true at the same time. Of course, the opposite is also true. Either way, you must choose your allies carefully to survive in this world, but you can't live without trust. Then again, you can never be too careful.