A New Start

The old woman walked slowly through the graveyard. Her long grey hair waved out behind her in the wind. She looked up and noticed that feathers were raining from the sky. She picked up the nearest feather, which had landed on a nameless gravestone.

She stared at it for a while, as if it was one of her most prized possessions. Suddenly she fell to her knees and grabbed her head as if something was attacking her brain. She quickly let the floristic feather go. The feather blew up into the sky and the wind carried it off in the direction of the sea. The old woman punched into the air, fighting an unseen force, which dodged her pitiful blows. She screamed and lay lifeless on the gravestone, where the feather had first landed.

*** Earth-

Mishara yawned as her alarm clock chimed from beside her.

"Why does sleep have to go so fast?" she muttered under her breath. She grabbed her books and placed them neatly in her bag.

Mishara was the kind of girl who loved to be at home. She never wanted to be at school, although she wanted a perfect job. She smiled and laughed to herself when she looked into the mirror. Her hair was a dark brown, just as her eyes. Her fair complexion made her magnificent figure stand out.

She walked to her door and walked out. She ran down the stairs and jumped the last four stairs. She flipped upside down and landed in a catlike position. Mishara had always been rather educated in gymnastics and physical combat.

"Is that you Mishara?" questioned Mishara's grandmother, who had long black hair and the darkest eyes.

"Yeah, its me gran" said Mishara smiling at her grandmother. "Gran, could I leave breakfast today, because I'm not hungry" Mishara asked.

"Yes but make sure you eat a little extra at school today then for me!" said Mishara's grandmother.

Mishara nodded and waved goodbye to her grandmother as she began her journey to school. When she stepped out onto the street there was a line of traffic. All that could be heard where the swears and screams of people who were in the queue. Mishara walked far down the road before she saw her friend Lionee walking infront of her.

"Wait up!" Mishara screamed. Lionee turned around and waved in a friendly way.

"We better hurry or else the school bus will set off without us" Mishara said.

When Mishara and Lionee were half way to the bus stop, Lionee stopped and said, "Come on. Lets skip school and go to the beach,"

Mishara decided to go along with Lionee's plan.


The sun heated the sand and the seawater. "Whats that?" asked Lionee, who was looking at something white on the sand. It looked like a fish from distance, but as they neared it, they found out that it was a feather.

Mishara picked it up, and as she did, it shone a bright gold. "Lemme see," said Lionee who put out her hand as Mishara handed her the feather.

When Lionee was in possession of the feather, its color left it and it turned a dark shade of black. "Huh? Why'd it change color for me?" squealed Lionee who passed it back to Mishara. Its bright gold color returned to it.

Suddenly the sky went black and the see clashed against the rocks. A huge thunder bold hit the ground.

As if by magic, a woman mysteriously stepped out from a very high wave. "Save my world and your world will be spared" she said.