Chapter 22

The awakening of evil within a good soul

The tunnel was damp and a cool wind blew the hair of our heroes. Their hearts enraged and their spirits low. You could say they had been kidnapped. They hung from chains that were nailed into the walls. Their ankles and wrists ached through the weight that had been thrust upon them. They became sore and painful through the tight cuffs that held them there. Footsteps could be heard down the tunnel. Each sound Nadina made echoed around each of them. The slight sound of trickling water could be heard in the distance. Every minute or so a slight gush of water came through the tunnel each time covering more of their bodies. The water was just about knee high when Nadina walked passed them and out of the damp door they had come through. A mechanical noise of cogs and bolts could be heard. Suddenly a powerful gush of water came to the tunnel soaking them shoulder high.

They were trying to gather their stability back but the paralysis they had before encountered had not yet fully worn off. They could move their body but barely. The water submerging them up to their necks. Except for Dark because he was small and the water had totally submerged him. Dark had his skills for water breathing and could turn the water unto air for some seconds while he caught his breath and then held it for more time, hoping for a miracle. They were scared when they heard another rumble. Water gushed yet again down the passage taking their breath and leaving them lifeless. They were sure that they would die. Existence was pointless for them now, they would be happy to just die and get it over with. But when they were about to give up hope and let go of all things dear to them someone came to their rescue. A light shone from the end of the passage filled with water. In front of that light stood a person silhouetted against the bright shining light. They swam through the tunnel and to the other exit that had been closed and opened it letting the water out. The water slowly descended and left them dripping and breathlessly unconscious.

When they awoke they found themselves on the ground beside where they hung before. The ground was still damp and the air smelt dense and salty. Okura looked up and was welcomed back to unconsciousness by a dazzling friendly smile from Mishara who sat next to Lionee. She was sat with her back up against the wall and her legs tucked into her chest. Lionee was stood with her left hand upon the wall balancing her in the offside tunnel. Considering that the tunnel was damp the heat was immense.

When each person was lifted to their feet and given time to recuperate they left the tunnel from the soggy sanded entrance that Nadina escaped from. The outside made their eyes sting and the suns rays against their skin made them burn more easily then before. It was when Dark was out of the tunnel that they sat yet again in the heat of the bedazzling sun each one waiting for the other to make conversation. But nobody dared to open his or her mouths until Lionee asked if they could begin moving out and was ignored. So Lionee sat back down and considered their near death experience. Mishara sat across Okura's chest as he caressed her hair with his pruned hands ((pruned from being wet)) and Mishara snoozed up in his wet jacket trying to comfort his lovingly. Her hair was still damp but not as much as it had been minutes before. The sun had heated her hair and dispersed of the wet leaving her with soft and shiny hair. But not taking away the sea salt smell.

"Do you understand" Mishara solemnly asked Okura. "Understand what" Okura asked amused. "Understand the way I feel for you" Mishara, asked as she looked into the bewildered eyes with comfort and passion. "I understand just as much as you as I am on the receiving end of your love" Okura answered and then ran his hand through the tiny particles of sand. "And is that a good thing" Mishara laughed smiling longingly. "What do you think" Okura smirked and then got up from where he was perched.

Mishara smiled and then straightened up her purple top that pushed her breasts together and revealed a large cleverage, which Okura stared longingly at. And then removed his eyes from when Mishara looked to him. He scratched his head and whistled looking behind him and tapping his foot to the tune he was whistling. He then walked straight towards Mishara and tickled her. She laughed more then she had laughed since she was home. Okura then lifted Mishara off the ground holding her one arm under her back and one arm below the back of her knee. She giggled and kissed his on his sweet and tender lips. He withdrew his lips and walked shakily trying to scare Mishara. Mishara laughed louder and gripped Okura's neck, which was starting to go red from the strain of carrying her. He then placed her feet on the ground and let her go off of his neck, which was a relief for the growing pain it had caused him. -But a laugh is a laugh- He thought.