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I Will Never Fear You

Oct. 13 ,1765

The rain still hadn't stopped. It had rained all day.
'Of course it would be that way today' she thought.
She struggled to run on the muddy path, occasionally even falling, but she wouldn't stop, she couldn't stop. She had to keep going. She was close now. Even on a dark stormy night like this she would be able to find her way back to that house.
"Oaww!" she cried as she once again fell onto the mud covered path. She didn't stop though. She quickly pulled herself back up, and continued her journey.
'So close now, so close.'
She stumbled once more, and lightning lit up the sky. That's when she saw it, the house. It towered over her, a grand demon of the night.
She walked up to the door slowly hesitating only a moment before she went through. After entering she stopped and gazed around the room. It was dark, save for the light of the moon, and the occasional flash of lighting.
'Don't stop now. You know what you must do.'
She pulled a tattered book from beneath her cloak, and began to walk towards a flight of stairs.
"I've come back!" she announced to the darkness.
"Of course you know that don't you! Come out I know you are here. I fear you no more!" Nothing happened so she continued to make her way through the darkness.
"Did you here me!? You can no longer control me! I am not afraid!"
She reached the top of the stairs, and proceeded to walk down the dark hall. Suddenly the hall lit up from the lightening. It had lasted only a second, but on the wall at the end of the hall had been a shadow. Not her's, but that of a man.
"So you are here. Are you waiting for me to run again? I told you I am NOT afraid."
She continued to walk until she came to a room, and stopped. She reached out a hand and gently touched the door.
'The room. No, I must continue. I must go in'.
She opened the door, and cautiously stepped through. Lightning as if on cue lit up the room allowing her to see the contents. The room was empty, only bare walls, and a window.
'I wonder what they did with my things? No. No time for trivial thoughts. I must consitrate on the task at hand.'
"Where are you?!" she screamed as another flash of lighting illuminated her surroundings. Once again the mysterious shadow appeared on the wall.
"No! No more games. Show yourself, you monster!"
As she said this all went dark again, and she felt it. A force hit her with so much power that it nearly knocked her over. She struggled to hold her ground, but it was too strong. The force was not solid, but a wave of intense fear, anger, hate. Evil that was what it was, evil. That was what he was.
"Nooooo!" she screamed as she struggled. "I...will...not...let...you...win! AAAAIIIIIII!" she screamed as she felt herself weakening. The darkness engulfed her, but her scream echoed through the night as she repeated the phrase over and over.
"I am not afraid. I am not afraid. I am not afraid."


'It's just and old house'. Adrian thought as she stared up at the giant structure before her. She studied the detailed wood work, and delicate windows, some of which were stained glass. The paint, which had faded a little over the years had amazingly kept well. The old windows also didn't seem as dust covered as they should.
"Isn't it great!?" her mother called from behind her.
Adrian rolled her eyes.
"Yeah, Mom. It's great. I can't wait to live in an old musty place like this."
Her mother sighed.
"Adrian, look at this place. It's beautiful. The oldness just gives it character."
"But, Mom, why do we have to live here. I know we could afford a much newer place."
"Because it's a beautiful place. And besides think of all the history. If these walls could talk, there's no telling how many stories we'd hear."
Not this speech again. Ugghh.
Adrian nodded her head and walked up to the door. She expected it to be dust covered, but to her surprise found it to be very clean. Her mother walked up behind her and began to struggle with getting the key into the lock.
"You know, this is kind of like a horror movie."
Her mother, who was still struggling with the key, didn't seem to hear her.
"Yeah, I can see it now. As soon as you open that door we're going to be attacked by who knows what. They're probably never get the blood off the floor."
While she said this she stared back up the house. It really wasn't that bad, but of course she'd never admit it.
"Got it!"
Adrian looked back over to her mother who had finally gotten the old door open.
"And what do you know," her mother said with a smirk, "no monsters."
Adrian smirked back, and followed her mother inside.

Journal Entry
Sept. 28, 1765

Today they gave me a journal to write in. The doctor told me to write down how I feel. Ha. Don't they know how I feel. I've told them time after time. But of course they do not believe me. They will never believe me.
They think I am insane. Quite possibly I am, but I know what I saw. I know what's in that house. The evil still lives. If only they would believe me. If only...
Noooo. It calls to me again! I can not get it out of my head. It's him! He will not stay dead, will not let me be. He's still there. I know he is. He calls to me even now. The evil calls to me.
Let me be. Please just let me be!