Why's it so dark?

Adrian struggled to find her way in the dark. She couldn't see, hear, feel, or... she breathed in and discovered she couldn't smell anything. She couldn't comprehend the sensation of nothingness. The dead silence and lack of any kind of smell horrified her.

She was floating in a void.

What is this place?

Then it happened, she started to fall. That, however, wasn't the worst part. It started quiet at first, but then the sound started to get louder gradually, as if she got closer to it's source as she fell.

The screams of terror and agony, got more and more over bearing as she plummeted faster.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." she groaned in pain as she made contact with the hard ground. She struggled to get to her feet, but found it was futile. She couldn't move. Her injuries were too surviere. The fall had most likely broken her spine.

She could do nothing as she lay there on the cold ground, surrounded by a never ending darkness.

What was that?

Adrian could make out the soft sound of footsteps slowly making their way towards her. "" she barley managed to choke out.

There was no reply, only the footsteps.


Still no reply. This time, however, a new sound accompanied the footsteps. Drip. Drip. Slow and steady.

When the footsteps got there loudest, they suddenly stopped. Adrian could tell someone was standing beside her. Then she felt it. Plop. Whatever had been dripping, now fell on her face. It was wet, but warm. Then another fell, and another.

"W-who's there..?" she struggled to ask.

As if on cue there was a flash of light, and she could see for the first time since she'd arrived in this place. When she looked up at her companion she suddenly wished she still couldn't. She also found out what the dripping liquid was.

Standing beside her was a girl. Not much older than herself. That was not what terrified her. It was the girls eyes, or perhaps the lack of them that frightened her. The girl stared back at her with empty, bloody sockets. The blood dripped from them onto Adrain.

Adrian looked at the rest of her, and realized she was completely caked in blood. Some stained, some oozing from various wounds.

The girls lips began to move, but no sound came from them, instead Adrian could hear the girls voice in her head.

"No." she said in a soft, pain filled voice. "You help me."

Adrian shot up in her bed.

"What the...?"

She looked around her room franticly. When she was sure she was safe, and alone she began to relax.

"What kind of a twisted dream was that?"

Adrian had never been the type to have strange nightmare. Funny one had occurred her first night in her new house.

On the other had it was funny at all.

Journal Entry

Sept. 30, 1765

I have many things to write tonight. My brother. My dear dear brother returned home after being gone for months. His was not a happy return, for he had not been informed of our family's great tragedy. He did not know of our parent's and sister's death, or of my new "home". He came to visit me when he found out. He'd been crying. He tried to hide it, but I could tell. He tried to be strong for me. Told me he believed I was innocent of the horrible deeds.

Of course he was sincere in his words, as I knew he would be.

He is staying at a kind neighbor's house. He would not dare stay in our home. The grief was too great. The horrible deaths that had taken place there recently caused it to be surrounded by an uneasiness. I didn't tell him what that uneasiness was.

I did not want him to think of me as crazy too.


Adrian walked up to her house. She'd been out shopping the entire day, and had nearly forgotten about the previous night's dream.

She stopped and stared at it.

The house had once been beautiful, she could tell by it's intricate design, but time had not been kind to this mansion, and all that remained was a shell of it's former glorious self.

"It really is a gloomy looking place, isn't it."

Adrian whipped her head around to find the source of the voice.

"Who are you?" she asked a little irritated that this stranger had suddenly appeared on her front lawn.

The young man smiled at her.

"My name is Will."

Adrian stared at the dark haired stranger as he continued to smile the slightly cocky smile at her.

"Well, Will." she said a definite edge to her voice. "What exactly are you doing in my yard calling my house gloomy?"

"I just wanted to come say hi to my new neighbors."

Adrian momentarily felt bad for snapping at him, but that confident smile was really beginning to irritate her.

"My name is Adrian, and..." her pride caused her to hesitate. "I'm, uh, sorry for snapping at you like that." She wasn't really, but he didn't need to know that.

Will simply smiled again, except this time a knowing smile replaced the cocky one.

"I'm sure you are." he replied in an almost too friendly tone as he turned his gaze back at the house. The smile slowly faded and was replaced by a look that almost seemed sad.

"It seems like only yesterday that I..." He never got to finish his thought before he was brought back from his daze by the young girl.

"Hello?" she said while waving her arm in the air as if to make sure he could still see her. "I asked you if you wanted to see my mom? You said you came to greet your neighbors."

" That's okay. I have to get going anyway." He turned to leave, but suddenly his cockiness came back to him, and he turned to look once again at the girl who'd said her name was Andrian.

"I guess I'll see you around." He said the familiar smile having returned to his dark features.

Adrian looked slightly annoyed. He could tell.

"Yeah." she said before turning to go inside her house.

After she was gone Will gave the old house one last glance.

"Good luck, Adrian. You're going to need it."

Adrian slammed the front door closed behind her. How dare that guy! Just waltz onto her front lawn and smile at her like he was god's gift to humanity!

"I hope the other neighbors are easier to like than him." she muttered as she walked into the kitchen to get a snack.

After a quick inspection of the fridge and cabinets she realized that there wasn't any food.

"Hmmmm, I guess Mom hasn't gone to the grocery store yet. Looks like pizza again tonight."

"Or maybe not." she thought as she noticed the note on the kitchen table.

Gone to the grocery store. Be back soon.

Love Mom.

"Well, it looks like I have the house all to myself."

Journal Entry

Sept. 31, 1765

The doctors questioned me again today. This time they asked me about my brother.

I believe they wanted to see if he could have been involved in the murders. Just because they think me guilty dose not mean my brother is as well. I wish they would just leave me in peace.

My brother plans to visit me tomorrow. I look forward to seeing him. He is the only one left that I trust.


Adrian sighed. She'd finally finished packing all of her stuff.

"Done." she said looking at her watch. " Hmmmm...Mom should be home soon, with food."

At the thought of something to eat Adrian got up and headed out her bedroom door. She was about to go down the stairs when...


"What's that?" she thought to herself.


Adrain turned from the stairs, and started heading for the sound.


"I-it's probably just a mouse or something." she told herself reassuringly.

She was getting closer now. The sound was louder.


"It's coming from that room." she decided looking at the last room on the hall.

She timidly reached for the knob, turning it slowly.


Adrain, using every ounce of courage she had, suddenly threw open the door to find it...empty.


"Where is that noise coming from?!"

She looked around the room, but there was nothing there, and the noise continued.


She listened carefully to the sound, and decided it was coming from the wall.

"Must be mice." she thought, trying to convince herself that that was all it was. "We're going to have to put out some poison."

Journal Entry

Sept. 31, 1765

This is the second entry I have written today.

The doctors came back to asked me more questions. They wanted to know about the murder of my sister.

I asked them why, though I already want me to confess. They want to trick me into confessing. Though I have nothing to confess I still had to talk to them.

My sister. That mad man had gotten her first. She'd been in her room dreaming sweet dreams only to wake up to a nightmare.

By the time they found her she was already dead. He had pulled boards out of her wall, and stuck her inside. Then he had sealed her in.

Despite being the first one killed, she was the last one they found, so by then it was far too late.

They'd pulled out the boards to find them covered in scratchs. My sisster's feeble atampt to free herself.