Written on inside:
Given to: Lily Jade Thomson
From: Grandma Marie
Occasion: Fifteenth birthday-September 8, 2002

September 8, 2002~12:30 P.M.~Sunday

It's my birthday today! I turned 15! =) This was the only gift I've gotten today. My brand new diary. My grandmother gave it to me. It's probably the only gift I WILL get today, too. I doubt my parents even realize it's my birthday.
My grandmother showed up this morning, and took me to breakfast. She asked me if I was going to have any of my friends over today to hang out. Psh! WHAT friends? I told her they were all pretty busy. She doesn't need to know about my crappy life, right?
I got home about a half hour ago, and have been in my room ever since. I don't want to see my parents. If they want to see me, then they can come up to my room. So, most likely, I won't see 'em today. Not that I care or anything.
Oh! Be back in a couple minutes. Phone's ringing.

1:15 P.M.

Okay. That had to be the strangest phone call that I've ever had in my life. It was this guy Ryan Wills from school. I asked him how he got my number, and he said that he just looked me up.
"Why?" I asked him.
"'Cause you always seemed like the type of person that would be interesting to talk to."
"Right. That's why you've never talked to me before now."
"You don't look like the type of person that wants a lot of people around."
"I don't," I said and hung up the phone.
Okay. So it had been a little rude, but he had to have a different reason to call me. Ryan and I don't run in the same group. He's one of the "popular" guys. In the JUNIOR class, mind you. And I'm the loner freshman with no friends. I do kind of wish now, though, that I hadn't hung up on him.

9:08 P.M.

You know what? Forget it! I can't write right now! Not after THAT. There's too much pain!

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