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Epilogue 10 Years Later

"A couple days later," I said, "my dad was found and taken to jail for child abuse and sexual molestation."

I looked out at the crowd of high schoolers in front of me. I really had their attention. I'd been telling the story of my childhood for about five years now at different schools and other types of functions.

"Since my mom never really abused me, they didn't charge her with anything. She actually sent herself to a rehab center, and is doing so much better now. She and I really worked out our problems, and we're actually really close now. Are there any questions?"

A couple hands shot up, and I called on a girl in the first row.

"Are you and Ryan still together?"

I smiled at the thought of Ryan. "No," I said. "Ryan and I broke up about five years ago. However, we're still really good friends."

I called on another person near the back.

"Did you ever have your baby?"

I smiled and turned around. I motioned to the little boy sitting behind me to come stand by me. I put my arms around him. "This is my 9-year-old son, Lucas. Out of everything that happened in my life, he's the best thing that happened."

I looked down at my little boy with jet black hair, and bright blue eyes. He was the light of my life and had been since the day he was born.

"Are you dating anyone now?" a male voice called out.

I laughed. "Actually, yes. I married a man named James a year ago. He knows about everything that happened to me, and he treats Lucas as if he were his own son. He's fantastic."

The principal walked up to the podium. "Well," he said, "that's all the time we have. Why don't we all give a warm round of applause for Lily Lexington, and her son Lucas."

I heard a loud sound of applause and cheering go through the auditorium.

I picked Lucas up and held him close to me. "I love you sweetie," I whispered.

"I love you too, Mommy."

I smiled and kissed his cheek.

Lucas and I walked outside to find James standing by the car. My face lit up, and I immediately started smiling.

"Hello Darling," he said with his wonderful English accent.

I kissed him. "Hi."

"Ready to go home?"

I smiled and nodded. The three of us got in the car and started towards home.

I looked around at my family and smiled. Life was great. I pressed my hand to my stomach, and smiled when I thought about what it would be like with the new baby that was going to be here seven months from now.

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