Drakkhan, the great demonlord has waged war on the world for a thousand years. The Alliance headed by the Givain king Atkoth has always opposed him. The Givain are a species that resemble the Griffins of legend (half eagle half lion.) They have blue aura in the place of blood and their entire being is in their soulorb (a small orb in their chest that is their soul, heart lungs etc.) The Givain, Humans, Gnomes and dwarves have all aligned themselves to the alliance to try and free themselves from the grips of the demonlord. Now the story begins.

The Final Struggle

The demons waded through the murky swamp water. Two Silent Ones, three Docagon demons and five Keodre struggled to move through the dank humid land. At the head of them, the demon king himself strode effortlessly always waiting for the others to catch up. Drakkhan surveyed the land for any sign of what he sought

Suddenly he stopped. A quick jolt of pain ripped through Drakkhan's body and he jumped back. His cold black eyes glowed and he could see an energy field flicker before him. He snarled. "I thought they would have tried harder than this." He gave a short laugh. Drakkhan raised his fist and brought it crashing down, the field shattered under the blow. "Poor fools, they underestimated my power."

The demonic host continued their journey through the dismal swamp. Then without warning the ground solidified around them. They were trapped! Not even Drakkhan's formidable strength could free him from the muck. Drakkhan noticed that he could not fell anything under his feet. It was like being frozen on top of a lake! A Silent one was torn down below the surface. Drakkhan grabbed his arm but only pulled up a severed limb. A Docagon was next, then another. Drakkhan felt something move beneath his feet. He was wretched beneath the surface and face to face with a massive lizard like monster! It was long and serpentine and had big webbed limbs. Its face was covered with the pieces of the others and its sharp fangs were stained with blood.

The creature bit down and caught Drakkhan's legs. The demon screamed in pain but his mouth only filled with murky water. Drakkhan put his hands on the creature's nose and forced lightning shocks through its skull. Blood streamed out of the creature's mouth and eyes and the creature died.

Drakkhan was ejected out of the water and back down to the ground. He landed with a thud wrenching in pain. His legs were bleeding heavily and he couldn't heal them. Two Keodre got him up and leaning on them. "Damned Atlantians." He said. "I should have known they'd pull something like this so I couldn't fight or heal." He snarled again and told them to carry him forwards. The Keodre obeyed.

Slowly they lurched forward. A blade that shot from a tree killed another Keodre and the same blade further injured Drakhhan, it cut him above his left eye. The host was low on power and courage. For hours they crawled through the swamp, carefully searching for any more traps.

Finally they reached they're destination. A large temple covered in vines and algae. On the doors was a strange kind of writing. They approached slowly. Drakkhan was able to walk now and stood up to read the writing. He growled and smashed the wall to pieces. "They do not frighten me." He growled. "Beware those who seek the darkness. Bah! I am the darkness!"

Drakkhan strode through the doors. He saw a long hallway totally black. As he put his foot in the door, a dozen torches lit, lighting up a long hallway with an altar at the end. Drakkhan saw the altar and what was on top of it. He smiled and rushed toward the end not thinking of any traps. As he approached the wind was knocked from his body with a crushing blow. He fell sprawling onto the ground.

Drakkhan turned to see golems made out of the living rock of the temple. They had emerged from the walls and had engaged the demonic host. Drakkhan tried to limp towards the altar but was attacked by a golem. He dodged and manoeuvred through the rain of blows the golem was making. Drakkhan darted through the monster's legs and towards the altar. A field of electricity, like the one earlier, stopped him. Drakkhan turned to see his demons being slaughtered. The silent ones and keodre were being annihilated. Thoughts of his own demise were rushing through his mind. He had waged war on this pitiful planet for a thousand years. How could this be the end?

Drakkhan looked at the altar. He could see his prize. He snarled and forced all the energy he could into his arms. With a mighty roar, Drakkhan crashed through the barrier. He stood there, face to face with his salvation. The golems had finished off the remaining demons and turned to attack Drakkhan. They flung blades of rock at the invader. They slashed and cut through Drakkhan's flesh like butter. The demon king dropped to his knees in pain but still smiled. He had the relic now, the dark eye in the form of a star, the true power. He placed it on his chest and his wounds healed and his strength returned. His muscles bulged, his horns grew larger and his power grew massively.

Drakkhan whirled around and to his feet. His eyes burning with dark fire. He raised his hand and smiled, baring his fanged mouth. The golems hardened and crumbled. He snarled again.

"Finally this war will end. The mortals cannot withstand the force of the eye of Kakone." Drakkhan walked slowly towards the doorway laughing all the time. "Now the tides of darkness can finally wash over this waste of a planet." Drakkhan laughed out loud and continued to walk.