Okay. 2nd poem as of now. Did you notice that my first 2 poems are both
'mushy' in a sense that they both have the word "love" in their title?
(Laughs) What the heck is with it anyway?



Why is it that even though

I know you can never accept.
The way I felt for you,
Something I cannot forget.

You will never notice
what I tried to do for you.
But still I didn't lose hope.
Right now, I have very few.

You were that same person
who walked here and there.
But you barely noticed
the way I used to stare.

You may have felt my presence
But surely not a lot.
I bet you wouldn't even care
if I'll stand there till I rot.

You were quite a joker.
So funny that I can tell,
the ways your friends would laugh
when you told a jest quite well.

"You're so smart!"
other people would say.
"But most especially", they'd begin,
"Thanks for making my day!"

My true feelings for you
are quite difficult to express.
I'm in such a dilemma.
Things are a total mess.

I tried to do many things
and these I did for you.
I tried to let you notice me.

I tried even though I'm blue

I am just an ordinary person
whom you will never talk to.
But one thing's for sure,
I will still love you.

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