3rd poem and still has that particular word in the title. Getting really
weird and perhaps awkward for some people. Darn it!

The Love I Couldn't Release

There's something in you,
which makes me feel nice.
I thought it was fine.
I didn't have to pay a price.

As more time passed,
I felt closer to you.
I want to know you more,
my feelings were so true.

You didn't know me of course.
I was nothing to you.
Because of this,
I couldn't help but feel so greatly blue.

I wanted to leave you
but my heart told me not to.
I wanted to release you
since my chances were too few.

I was frantic to not love anymore.
I wanted to go against my will.
But I ended up as a total bore.
I was puzzled to have loved you still.

When I try to leave you alone,
my heart feels so empty.
You seemed to hate me so much.
Still why can't you just let me be?

You brought so much tears into my eyes,
Yet still my love endured.
You ignored me so many times.
I think this ailment could never be cured.

I couldn't stop crying
for the love I couldn't release,

made me ask myself when

my heart would be in ease.

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