Oh, great. Now that I got over the "love" word, here comes another poem
still related to that damn word! What the hell is wrong wit me? *sobs
pathetically* Grrrrrr...


An Idol to Me

I love your smile.

I like your looks.

When I see you, I feel like
I could write a hundred books.

Whenever I see you,
I turn into a fool.
The only problem is
I only see you in school.

I daydream about you.
I just don't know why.
But sometimes I turn away
everytime you pass by.

I become so happy
but I try not to stare,
nor smile or run away
whenever you're there.

The very first time
when I saw you before,
I already knew that
I would ask for no more.

Your face seemed so gentle,
so kind and so true.
You appeared careful
in the things you like to do.

You're a really great person.

You're nice and you're fine.

But although I may try,
You could NEVER be mine.

You're that special someone
that I'd look up to.

My comfort and strength

whenever I feel blue.

I enjoy watching you

have fun and delight.
I'd want it that way
coz' my day turns out right.

You're that one person,
whom I'll always respect.
The person whom I'll admire
and never forget.

I know that you're disturbed
in a great number of ways.
But don't worry because
I'd stop one of these days.

You're a favorable fellow
but please let me be.
Especially when I'd say,
"You're an idol to me."


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