Hey! Thanx for the comforting review(s)! Here's yet another poem I made. I
hope you guyz like it! It's a little somethin about this girl who didn't
know what she really felt about her supposedly bestpal.

From Friendship to Love

One day you asked me
what a real friend may be.

I queried why you asked.

You replied, "You are to me."

That was so sweet

so I hugged you so tight.
What you gave me in return
was a kiss that wasn't right.

I pulled away so quickly.
I ran away so fast.
What was I thinking?
Would our friendship still last?

I thought it was normal
to start off as friends.
But when it gets worse,
That's where it all ends.

You showed me that day
how much you loved me.
But if it weren't true,
Could you please let me free?

Many things are different now.
I avoided you in school.
I wanted to ignore you.
I felt like a useless tool.

I neglected your heart.
I felt so guilty of you.
What is this strange feeling?

Do I actually love you?

I kept thinking of that day.
I didn't know it was true.
I was falling in-love.
I was really into you.

I approached you one time
and told you how I felt.
You told me you still cared.
My heart felt like it would melt.

You placed me in your arms
and whispered in my ear.
You said, "I love you so much."
Such words sounded so sincere

From then on I knew
you were more than a friend
You loved me for myself.
You had a hand to lend.

Should this thing last.
I really don't know.
But I guess it's alright since
I could never let you go.

Was this poem good enough to be placed here on ffnet? I hope it was. I was
doing it for less then an hour coz I really lacked time. It's a pretty long
one though, isn't it? I hope my poems aren't getting boring. Please Review!