Born from the water... Rippling from an emotion to another, like a drop that falls to a pond. Wild like a wave that crashes to rocks, blue like the falling rain in September. Cold as ice when insulted, but inside, crying.

Enjoying the earth... Love of the nightless summer nights, Feeling delight when the golden wheat dances on the fields. Wanting the earth to hold, gently as the green grass beneath oneself, but it wraps too tight with thorny vines, making it impossible to fly away, to follow dreams.

Holding the fire... Agitating easily, exploding when frustrated, yet able to be happy and tough like a small flame on the campfire. Filled with the thirst for glory, but wants too much, burning oneself out.

But being carried away by the wind... Mysterious, self-inserted, holding intelligence and rebellion. Being humble, yet boasting, Telling the truth, yet keeping everything in secret, Opening up, yet being so complex that nobody could understand.

Born from the water, holding the fire, enjoying the earth, but being carried away by the wind, the wind that no one can reach.