My Broken Heart

My heart is frozen
It's no longer beating
I never would have guessed
That our innocent love
Would hurt me in the end

Atrocious remarks were tossed
Yet i still believed you would love me
How much shit, I took from you
Just for you to abuse me

My heart is starting to crack
You will be able to harm this heart no more
The blood has stopped flowing
It's no longer bringing me the strength i need
To get through days without you

I'm in so much pain
But i'm not turning back
To your constant lies, shattered promises and painful words

I'm hurting so bad
I can hardly move
The pain is tormenting my solitary heart

My heart breaks
The room is silent
Filled with placidity
I leave you standing in the room
But so very alone

A/C*- this just came to me last night-kind of eerie eh? [you can use your imagination to what happened at the end] When i was writing this i though of [I] or [her] dying. But others could interpret this in a different way. Maybe [she] left him for good-well please review and write what you think the review!