You will be shaken,

With my icy touch on your face.

It sucks the heat from your body,

The sanity from your mind.

And you could not help

But to fall in love

With that felling of terror.

My breath on your neck,

The pulsing of your veins,

Inviting me in,

Welcoming me,

Drawing me to you.

The smell of your fear,

Thickening the darkness around us,

While I sit there,

Holding you,

While you scream,

And I run my hand through your hair.

Your terror is what feeds me.

It's what gives me the power.

And while your heat flows

Through my own veins,

The sweet, searing heat,

It is the bond that we share.

While I feed off of your fear,

And you wake up in your own bed,

Screaming into the darkness.