To Anyone,

Today is Superbowl Sunday. Possibly the greatest Sunday of the year for sports loving male honchos. But I really could care less. My idea of spending a Sunday is NOT sittign no my ass in front of a television, watching oversized bears humping and tackling each other. Then again, I am of the female in the species called human.

Not that I don't like sports all together. I love swimming and skiing. And here in Minnesota, the weather comprehends both very nicely.

We finished our second quarter and first semester of 8th grade last Thursday. I am relieved beyond belief. No more science (possibly the most hellish class ever to enter the 8th grade hallway) and no more art. I like art, I really do, but the teacher was getting very annoyed with me by the end of class. She even moved me once, and threatened to many more.

If I had to pack up right now and go to the high school, instead of finishing out the year here, and I was asked "What was the one thing you learned in middle school?" My answer would have to be a confidant

"What everyone else thinks isn't worth a damn."

And that is so true too. Most people will spend their lives aiming to please someone, for good or for bad. But not me. I live to please myself now. Not in a superficial 'I'm better than you' way. I just want people to know that I am my own person. Everyone is unique, just some more than others.

I have never really started my own journal, or diary, or whatever you want to call it. All though I have been telling myself to for years, I could never muster up the courage to do so. Well here I am now, with my first entry, baring my soul to the world, and I hope that someday, my journals will inspire another teenager to do the same. Maybe these logs will be forever imprinted into this extensive database, the internet. Maybe they will be lost in a few years, a few decades. So be it. But I shall keep writing.

Let me be me.