A poem for Matt From Stef
WARNING: This poem is cheesy -_- but I worked hard on it I hope it
doesn't freak you out or anything . Based on an actuall event

What I See
By Stephanie-Anne Brown
Sept 21-22-23 2002

As waves crash silently against the sand
As the last rays of sun go down
The sunset's colors linger a moment
such beauty nowhere else can be found

The water changes from blue to black
Mimicking the sky above
The waves are now heard upon the sand
Just another sound that I love

The loons they cry to themselves
the wind dances through the tree's
I hold my breathe to make it last
looking out, across the moonlit seas

The color's gone completely now
And the sky is left as dark
The stars all streak across the black
Leaving just a single mark

I gaze out unto this
My breathe is stolen from me
I'm completely amazed an overwhelmed
By all the perfect sights I see

For the stars have started falling
hurtled from their place
Chills run up and down my spine
As my heart begins to pound and race

The waves are heard louder now
Crashing against the beach
I'm frozen in my position
My breathe I just can't reach

The things I see are amazing
Words can't begin to explain
The loons take flight across full moons
And into the night, their song is lain

I'm lost within this moment
As the stars fall back to place
Colors weave across the sky
Painting all of space

One by one I hear them
The crikets start to sing
Here my feet are frozen
Afraid to miss something

So I wished that you were here
On that last remaining star
Because I needed you to see this place
To understand words I've lost so far

I need you to see this place
It might be the only way
You will ever know how I feel
Because like in this scene, I just can't say

So if you ever come across it
And see all I've seen too
Then I wouldn't even have to try and say
How much i'm in love with you

You'll feel the way I felt
When my breathe was taken away
When all the stars fell from heaven
When I couldn't think of what to say

So I know I must sound crazy
With all I've said to you
But I hope someday you realize this:
Every word of it is true
I love you