"A Letter to my Boyfriend"

Dear Jeff,

I feel that I should say that I'm sorry. For what you ask? For not being true to you. No I'm not cheating on you exactly. Only in my mind I have been cheating on you, do you get what I'm saying yet? Ok let me explain.

Last summer, this guy and me had a little fling together. I became attached and I'm still attached to him. So lately I have been depressed and angry whenever I hear something about him whether it's good or bad.

So you see, I'm sorry for the times when we have cuddled while he crossed my mind and forced me to squeeze my eyes shut to prevent you from seeing my tears. I'm sorry for the walks that we take. I'm sorry for the times that I kiss you. I'm sorry for the times that you kiss me. I'm sorry for the times that we went on dates. I'm sorry for the times you bought me gifts. I'm sorry for all these times because I have thought about the other guy and I'm also sorry because I love you.

Yours no matter what, Shelby