PART ONE Over the crest of the hill Captain John Baker looked at the wreckage of his beloved F-14 , the same one that he had just ejected from after it had been pulverised by enemy flak fire. Here he was in the place that every airmen would hate to be crashed more than 100km inside of the Northern Vietnamese lines , 100 km away from his men ,his army and people who didn't eat rice in every meal and carry AK-47s designed to kill him .

Even though he was trained in basic survival it still took him a few minutes to digest his situation and react , he figured his best chance was to go to his plane and see what he could retrieve what ever he could from his gutted plane . The idea struck him immediately , go to his gutted plane and retrieve his survival kit and his bullet proof helmet and battle his way back to his own lines . The utter stupidity of his plan didn't even hit him until it was too late , he lept into the open . The sight that greeted him chilled him to the bone , there were three men walking over his plane they were wearing normal Vietnamese clothing except they were carrying AK-47's and they had grenades strapped to there belts and one of them was a young girl no more than 12 , that meant one thing , Viet Cong . John had no choice but to consider surrender , but these were V.C. if you were taken prisoner your men found you tied to a tree with three rounds in your stomach .

The plane was destroyed , that even 12 year old Ming Lu could see ,but one vital thing was missing the pilot . The young girl knew that a missing American meant that they had an American to kill , it had to happen that's the only way that the Americans would leave her country , then she and all the people of Vietnam would have there freedom. Then and only then would she be able to find her baby brother where ever he may be .

The girl was distracted by something John knew this was his opportunity he un-holstered his .45 automatic took one deep breath pointed his pistol at the closest man and pulled the trigger .

Ming Lu never heard the man come but she spun around when the imperialist scum fired . She saw a sight that she had seen way to many times before the man beside her made a noise like a squealing pig and crumpled to the floor . All of her barely adequate communist training told her to find cover and return fire until she knew that the target was destroyed or she was dead herself . She cursed herself for not being prepared and being distracted she knew that the pilot was near but yet she still let him closer the pilot was obviously not very well trained in infantry tactics , he just stood there swinging his gun around " a lot better at bombing villages and killing my people from the sky" Ming Lu thought to herself . She shook her hatred off and flipped the safety off of her AK-47 she jumped up from behind her chunk of twisted plane fuselage and fired .

When John fired he saw his target crumple and fall to the ground and the girl beside him jump behind his fuselage he fired at her but he missed . His mind had gone blank he didn't now what to do so he just swung his gun around looking for something to fire at when his young target poped up and fired .

She saw that her rounds had missed they all buried themselves in the crotch of a treebehind the yankee pig . She cursed herself again for not being prepared when she felt something hit her on the top of the head and then everything went dark .

John knew that he was lucky , all of the young girl's rounds missed and now he had his oppratunity her head was slightly bowed so he fired one round it hit her in the top of the head and her head snapped back and she collapsed to the ground . John sighed to himself he had to kill face to face a young girl. Then his snapped back up and he rememberd there had been three of them , right then he felt something hit him in the back of the head .