Seeing Too Much

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Chapter 1 - Caught and Carried by an Earthquake

It was a hazy and sleepy morning. Fog hung above the capital of Sarcrimia in clusters. The sky was a mixture of pastel shades of violet and orange. Grim rows of clouds parted to reveal a few rays of sunlight. A girl with solid emerald eyes and roan red hair, pulled back in a wavy ponytail, leaned against the stone parapet. She gazed beyond the wall, her eyes looking about the city of Iria.

Sarita stroked her puppy, Roika, deep in thought. The black pup eagerly rolls on his back, and was rewarded when Sarita started tickling his belly. The big bronze bell tolled out a long solid stroke, signaling it was 8 am. Loud heavy footsteps neared Sarita and Roika. A tall woman with almond eyes and matching roan red hair appeared. The woman was dressed in a long blue skirt, and in cow skin slippers. Her eyebrows were in a level of fury, and her small mouth was pulled back.

"Sarita! You are late for breakfast! You do remember that Their Majesty of Drandem is arriving in Iria shortly? We will be discussing deals, and I will not let you, my second daughter, younger and 2nd princess of Iria, go around like this!" The woman scolded.

"Sorry." She mumbled, and placed Roika on the ground. He whined in respond.

"There are strawberry muffins and buttered bagels for breakfast. Now go on, they'll arrive soon!" The Queen of Iria briskly turned on her heel and hurried down the hall.

After she left, Sarita walked away from the high parapet and slid down the long staircase. She knew that her mother didn't approve of sliding down the staircase. "Unladylike" She would always say. Sarita sighed and went to the table, where jugs of freshly squeezed orange juice, plates of butter, baskets of strawberry muffins, and warm bagels laid. Taking a seat at the table, she picked up a knife and began spreading butter on a cinnamon bagel. Eating contently, she finished her breakfast and went to her bedroom to get into clean clothes for Their Majesty.

'Its going to be one boring day ahead' She thought to herself. She wouldn't be able to go explore or swim in the lake, or invite any of her friends over, as, she thought bitterly 'Their Majesty of Drandem will be coming'. The discussion and boring adult talk will not revolve around her. She wouldn't need to participate in the conversations. 'Why do I need to stay here all day?' She kicked her clothes into a pile, and then decided to go and play with Roika. She found him digging holes in the garden, and playfully rolling in the dirt.

"Roika, stop getting all dirty. Mum wouldn't approve of it." She said, giggling as Roika chased a squirrel and got tangled up in the bush. He scrambled out, shaking his fur loose of leaves and shrub, and then began wagging his tail, waiting for the squirrel to climb down the tree trunk. The squirrel, poked its head out of the branches, and peered down, seeing if the puppy was gone. It climbed down the trunk towards Roika. The gray squirrel, spotting Roika, dashed across the garden. The black puppy barked happily and followed it.

"Roika, come back!" Sarita got up and chased after him. The squirrel/puppy/girl chase continued all the way to the front of the palace. The squirrel expertly leaped onto the bridge's wooden rail and balanced across, with Roika following closeby. Roika began leaping up and down excitedly, barking and wagging its tail. Soon, the chase went to the forest nearby, and the gray squirrel jumped onto a thick trunk and was lost in the grouped trees. Roika stopped, confused, and looked back and forth. Sarita, who finally caught up, scooped the black puppy into her arms.

"Never ever do that again!" said Sarita, sternly. The puppy began licking the worried girl, and soon she began laughing. Suddenly, the air was filled with loud rumbling noises, and the ground began trembling. Roika yapped and Sarita hugged the puppy tightly. She stood firmly on the ground, but the ground was shaking violently, sending vibrations up Sarita's body. It was too much and she fell to the ground. "It's an earthq-quake!" She exclaimed. Cracks slithered across the earth, and ground began splitting apart, leaving big fissures.

Sarita felt the ground beneath her began to split apart. 'Oh no!' She thought, and quickly got up. She let out a short scream as the crack continued and the earth pulled apart. She and Roika fell into the rocky crevice, getting pulled farther and farther from the surface. "Help! Stop!" Sarita screamed, but the rush quickly lifted the words away. The impact made her crash into the other side, bumping to side to side in the narrow crevice. She felt dizzy and light-headed, and then saw darkness.

The city of Iria had a big earthquake, splitting cracks in the earth. Sarita (sister of the princess) falls into a crack, and eventually finds her way from below. But she steps out in the futuristic of Iria. It turns out the dark city, ?, came to Iria, burning it down and was in war. Iria, unfortunately was taken by surprise, with all their knights out doing something else. Losing her sister, who was princess of Iria, and her father, the king of Iria, and all her beloved friends, she tries to return to the present and warn all the citizens. But when she couldn't find the crack portal to return, all the villagers told her to go to the powerful mage. Sarita sets on a journey to find the mage and help her get back to the present.

Description: Sarita, the younger princess of Iria, gets swallowed up underground from an earthquake. Managing to find her way out, she comes out in the same city, but with one quirk: It was in the future. The city as well as its citizens was ruined from war Sarita's only hope to get back to the present and warn the city is to journey to the mysterious mage, if lucky, would help Sarita.