Claire was sitting on a bench talking to her friends at soccer practice when she felt like she was being watched. "Kelli, I know it seams strange, but I think someone is stalking me." Claire said to one of her best friends in a hushed voice as if her 'stalker' could hear her. "Don't be silly. Why would anyone follow you?" Kelli said in such a normal voice that it was clear that she wasn't worried for her friend.
As the practice went on, it seamed as if she had only imagined it. Besides, like Kelli had said, why would anyone stalk her? She wasn't rich and her parents weren't high political figures, she basically had nothing to offer her stalker.
The practiced ended at a quarter till nine. Claire sighed, thankful that this was the last night practice. "The schedule should be back to normal tomorrow." Claire said to herself out loud. She smiled when she saw her car, a black mustang. Her father had surprised her on her sixteenth birthday by buying her the car of her dreams. It was of course used, but it was in great condition. She dropped her bag in the trunk and started driving.
Her next door neighbor's car was following her at a distance. This was odd because he worked the night shift and was never home at this hour. Her neighbor, Rick, was one of those people who never took a sick day. He was never late and was always willing to work overtime if his boss told him that his help was needed. Claire then looked for the little dream-catcher that hangs on his rearview mirror. Surely another car that is exactly like his wouldn't have a dream-catcher. But sure enough, Claire saw it, swaying backwards and forwards on the curvy road. "How odd." Claire thought now completely alert. One thing was for sure; this was not helping her feel less paranoid.
Claire's house appeared around the corner. "What do I do now? Well I can't be responsible for my family getting hurt. So, maybe if I run, I can distract it." Claire got out of the car in a rush, and ran as if there was a large monster chasing her with big, sharp, pointy teeth.