Xaith sat on a high hill overlooking the backside of the fenced in castle that Kale lived in. The castle was rumored to be haunted, and in this small town, every one believed in superstition. So, naturally the public left the castle alone, but they never forgot the screams they heard at night.

Xaith laughed to himself, thinking of how foolish he was to be sitting on top of this hill, waiting for a glimpse of Claire trying to escape. But, for some reason, Xaith felt like he needed to be here tonight in particular.

And then Xaith's jaw dropped, because Kale came out of the back door with Claire behind him. Claire, as always, was completely nude. She also had what looked to be a heavy chain connected to her neck that Kale was holding. Claire's hands were also shackled, but the chain was long enough to not get in her way. On her pale back were healing whip marks, no fresh ones were visible. Claire walked to the end of her chain, trying to get as far from the castle as she could, but once she was reaching the end of the chain, Kale jerked her back closer to him.

"Now, my Pet, stay close to me. Just because you have the extra length, or freedom I guess you could say, doesn't mean that going to the end is the smartest of ideas. Because, if I feel I can't trust you, then I won't take you out. Understand, Pet?" Kale asked in an unusually kind voice. "Yes Master. I just want to get farther out. Will you take me into the woods?" Claire asked innocently. "Yes, you have been good this past week. Pet, as you know, when you are good I always reward you. Come." Kale walked towards the woods.

Xaith heard Claire say, "Thank you Master." But Xaith heard something Kale didn't. Claire was smarter than Kale gave her credit for. "Master" had a tone to it that gave her away. As hard as Claire tried, she couldn't hide her hatred for Kale. And when she said, "Master", her hatred could be heard. But just the fact that she said it sent Kale over the edge. He was so proud of himself for "breaking her". But Xaith saw it; she wasn't broken, merely biding her time. Xaith followed them into the woods.

Claire walked obediently behind Kale, "Soon, Kale, very soon you will get what is coming to you. That is if all goes to plan." Claire thought. Claire then tripped, a purposeful accident.

Kale felt the sharp tug of the chain and turned around. There Claire was sprawled out on the ground. "I need help up Master. With my hands chained I can't get up." Claire tried to look as innocent as possible so Kale wouldn't be expecting the sharp thick stick she had her hand resting on. "Here." Kale said as he bent down over her, supposedly to put her back on her feet.

But in just a quick movement Claire had the make-do stake against his heart, and Kale had his ever-present dagger pressed roughly against her throat. "Bad Pet, put down the stick and I won't kill you." Kale said in a deadly tone. "Kill me you bastard and you are going to hell with me." Claire said, trying her best to not cut her throat. "This is your last warning." Kale said in an even deadlier tone. "Kill me already. Put me out of my fucking misery! You know I hate you and everything that you have ever known or stood for! Hurr-." Claire didn't get to finish her word, or sentence, because Kale had flipped her kneeling form on to her back and he now held the make-do stake. "It will be one long, long, time before you get to come outside again!" And without looking away from her he said, "Xaith get your ass over here! I know you are watching us. You have been watching us since we came outside." Silence was all that was heard besides sounds of the crickets and other insects. "Xaith I'm in an already bad mood, and you are bordering on insolence. Do you really want that third, and final strike? Come. Here. Now."

Xaith was standing in silence. Then he decided to go, to see what he wanted only. He was still free, and he was strong. Possibly now strong enough to defeat Kale? Well, now wasn't the time for that anyway. Xaith stepped out of the shadows and walked up beside Claire. He then put his own hand under the blade and pulled Kale's hand up. Careful to not make another mark on his hand. He then pulled Claire up into his arms. He was at first planning on putting her back on her feet. But she fit perfectly within his arms, could it possibly be that they were soul mates? Is that why they seemed drawn to each other?

Xaith then leaned forward and bit Claire's neck. Drinking from her was the best sensation that Xaith had ever felt. And when Kale slashed out across his face with the dagger, Xaith then knew that somehow things would work out.

The blood flowing down Xaith's face called out to Claire. Claire leaned up and was surprised that Xaith moved with her, allowing her the chance to lick the blood from his face. Vampire Blood, immortal life, an eternity to spend with Xaith; life would definitely get better. Then Kale struck again, this time on Xaith's arm, trying to get his attention. Kale was unable to get to his heart from where Claire rested against him. Xaith brought his arm up to Claire's lips and she drank. Xaith then reluctantly let go of his bite on her neck. When she had drunk enough of his powerful blood to become a strong vampire, he set her down so her body could die.

Xaith then took out his blade. A bastard sword made of blessed silver. The hilt of the sword was the only part not blessed. This sword was the reason Xaith's enemy's feared him so. Now, hopefully his most prized possession will kill his worst enemy. He took the long, heavy sword, and chopped the chains neatly in half that bound Claire.

Xaith then parried the strike coming in from Kale's dagger. Kale lunged at Xaith, but Xaith was faster and turned around and sliced open Kale's back. Kale howled from the pain the blessed sword caused. Kale tried again and again, but Xaith matched each of his strikes in speed and power. Xaith then found an opening in Kale's defense and stabbed Kale through the heart.

Kale lay there, not dead, but not far from it either. Claire's body was dead and she was starting to get up now. Hunger, was the only thought that registered on her mind. Without a second thought she walked over to Kale, kicked him in the eyes, leaned down and drank him dry. She stood up, blood dripping down her face and walked towards Xaith. Xaith pushed the sword the rest of the way through Kale's heart and held Claire as their tormentor turned into ashes. The vampires then kissed. Minutes later Claire mumbled, "Xaith, I don't mind if you capture my body, because you have already captured my heart and soul."

~The End~

*Thank you everyone who has supported this story: Emma, Sam, Kelly, and all of my friends who kept me with tons of ideas. I am considering a sequel, but not sure if I will write it. If you are interested in it, review and say so. And the final person I would like to thank is Justin for being my inspiration for "Xaith", they are identical in appearance. I hope you enjoyed my story, Star*