The Adventures of Amber
And Spanky the Wonder Hamster:
Out in Space

One day a rather jovial girl named Amber was taking her pet hamster out for a walk. They were in a dog park but no on seemed to realize that a hamster is not a dog. So Amber went up to a happy looking couple and tapped the man's shoulder.
"I have a hamster." She said smiling.
"Well isn't that nice," The guy said paying little attention to the sixteen year old.
"Um, why do you have a rodent in a dog park?" The more attentive woman asked.
"BARK!" Amber said an ran away. Fully contented with having confused two completely normal people Amber began to skip. She realized that as she skipped the lease pulled her hamster up a bit. She then stopped skipping and picked up the shaking critter.
"Oh, I'm sorry Spanky. I forgot about you." Amber cooed to her pet, and then smothered it in kisses. Amber began to skip again, Spanky in arms of course, when she ran into a large silver disk that was partially embedded in the ground.
"Hmmm... What have we here? What do you think Spanky?" Amber asked the tiny animal. Spanky just squeaked. "No, it's not a space ship. Duhhhh. Aliens don't exist!" Amber exclaimed. Spanky, wanting to prove he ws right, jumped out of her arms and ran towards the conviently open door. Amber ran after him and just as she got in the door closed. Spanky then pressed a few buttons and within seconds the round object was in motion.
"I'm gonna be the first sixteen year old in space... Cool!" Amber exclaimed. Spanky let out a retalitory squeak. "Oh, and you! You are gonna be the first hamster captain!"
After a few hours in space Amber was begining to get bored. And hungry. Very hungry. Her stomach gurgled and Spanky cowered in fear.
"Don't be afraid, I won't eat you. Hmm. There's gotta be food around here somewhere. Spanky, you go look and I'll steer" Amber said. Spanky gave her a questioning look and then let go of the space-ship-direction-changing-device. "Geez these aliens sure do use lots of words for simple things... I hope that hamster comes back with food. If he doesn't I'll eat him. NO! No.. I'll just be hungry. Very hungry..." Just then Spanky came running out with bags of chips. On the bag the brand read as "GooD CHiPS". There was a date on the bottom on of the bag.
"Hmm.. I'm gonna guess that's the sell by date.. 1962? Oh dear. Well even if they are 40 year old space chips, they are chips. And chips are food. Mmm food." Amber thought out loud as her mouth watered. She then ate half the bag and gave the rest to Spanky. Spanky crawled inside and began to eat and Amber took control of the ship.
While Amber was steering she fell asleep, with Spanky having already started a nap, no one was directing the ship. The ship moved into warp drive and when it ran into some space turbulance, Spanky was awakened. He squeaked and squeaked, but alas she wouldn't come out of her coma like sleep. He bit her finger and she threw him half-way across the ship. She was still sleeping. Spanky, seeing he couldn't wake her, tried to steer the ship towards what looked like an in habitable planet. They crash landed and then skidded about 10 miles and stopped in the middle of a primitive alien town.
"Hmm? What? Dinner?" Amber mumbled suddenly awakened. Spanky looked at her and squeaked. "A new planet!" Amber jumped up and ran outside, not bothering to check to see if it had enough oxygen.
Luckily it did. Amber looked around in amazement at the huts made out of a straw-like material. The village was centered around a large cooking pot.
"HI!" Amber said waving to the purple 4 legged, 2 armed, 3 eyed beings. While Amber knew this as a friendly gesture, the aliens did not. In their language it meant "I'm going to kill you!". The aliens made growling slurping noises and rushed towards her. "I'm nice I swear!" Amber cried. "I will steal all your children!" is what they heard. Amber turned around and grabbed Spanky and yelled out "Stop or I'll have Spanky kill you all!". The aliens stopped and smiled. They had heard "Wait, Me and Spanky are friendly!".
Amber figured out how their language worked, with the help of Spanky of course, and decided to stay the night. But once they ate and rested Spanky was getting homesick. So they said Hello to their new friends told them never to contact them and left for Earth.

The End ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~