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"We are the strange ones. The outcasts. We know death is imminent, the hunters are everywhere; yet, we try to live out lives, enjoying it and the knowledge that it will end both. We are friends of the night, however, we can see that without the day, darkness would not be itself. We grow older and know things will never be the same - we are children still. We can see things never before imagined. We see through beauty, through truth, though love. Never have we bee defeated; though we have been scarred, taunted, and tainted.

"I can show you things you could not - would not - have comprehended before. I could see the world through your eyes, veiled and idealistic, but I would much rather give you reality. I would rather show you the pain, harsh and cold, so you can understand my world, OUR world, unhindered by mortal views."

As she began to change, he explained why he had done this to her. Why she should consider herself gifted. Why being one of 'them' shouldn't really scare her. Sure, portions of it were true; but she didn't want this gift, this curse, not even a bit. She knew firsthand what it was like to be on the receiving end of a vampire's hunger.

"You should consider yourself lucky," he said as her blood dripped down his chin. "Few are ever turned."