Chapter #1- Learning something new

Vanilla Morris groaned in frustration, throwing another skirt onto her pile of rejected clothing. Sighing, she finally settled with a red tank top and a denim skirt, which she had just recently purchased. If she had thought that contemplating on what to wear was hard, trying to figure out how she would fix her wild mane of so-called hair, in 15 minutes was even harder.

Irritated, she ripped the brush and pulled it out with maximum force. About 30 or so long blonde strands of hair were left dangling from the brush. She let out a cry as she came across another knot. Eventually, her hair was straight as a pin, exactly the way it was every single day. Besides her closest friends, nobody knew how wild Vanilla Morris' hair actually was.

As she walked over to her vanity table, a picture averted her gaze. It was a picture of her and Johnny Cavero. The guy who had brought so much happiness into her life for the short time they had gone out. Unfortunately, just like most of her relationships, Vanilla's relationship with Johnny ended with drama.

What Vanilla didn't realize was how depressed Johnny was. Before he had moved to Forrest Grey, he had lost both of his parents due to a car accident. He moved to Forrest Grey to live with his aunt and uncle. As Johnny fell deeper and deeper into depression, nothing Vanilla could say or do could make him happy. They started to drift apart and finally one day Johnny broke up with her. He told her that things wouldn't work out and a lot of other sappy shit that didn't make things better. Later, Vanilla found out that Johnny had tried to commit suicide and his aunt and uncle sent him away to a private school in Georgetown. They remained friends but Vanilla lost all feelings for him. Her memories turned to reality as she started to apply her makeup.

After a round of mascara, eyeliner, foundation and blush, she was ready to tackle the objective of her fancy-Skyler Mathews.

Perhaps girls fawned over Skyler because he, a gorgeous senior was the biggest flirt in all of Forrest Grey High. Skyler literally moved every girl he shone his bright smile at. Everyone, including members of the same sex, contemplated on how a human being could be so damn perfect. Skyler was in fact a walking "god." A high GPA, good manners and a great personality made him number one with the adults. His "coolness," athletic abilities, skate tricks and sense of witty humour made him number one with the guys. And his sweetness, charming looks and flirty ways made him VERY popular with the ladies. In everybody's eyes, Skyler Mathews was flawless. Maybe he was some "sugar n spice," experiment gone absolutely-right?

The weird thing about Skyler though was the fact that he had never had a girlfriend. That's right, this self-righteous god had never taken a girl out. Even though there were endless amounts of rumours, all started by different girls who stated that he was completely in love with them, everyone knew that was not the case.

As a matter of fact, it was rumoured that Skyler had NEVER fallen head over heels in love. Possible, that was just another mysterious reason to why girls tried so hard to impress him.

Vanilla's case was a little bit different than every other Skyler- obsession case at Forrest Grey High. She had known Skyler ever since he was that cute little kid with the Fisher Price car. It's very hard not to know your next-door neighbour!

Since the beginning of junior high, Vanilla subtly dropped hints about her overwhelming obsession with him. But Skyler, oblivious to the oblivious happened to take all her hints the wrong way. Vanilla even had to laugh herself when she remembered her pathetic scheme to get his attention back in the sixth grade. Embarrassing as it was, Vanilla had decided to wash her parents' car in the her two-piece bikini. How dreadfully the "ploy," had worked out. Apparently, the hose had a leak and the minute Skyler came out to practice his skate tricks, it struck him. Vanilla, helplessly trying to turn off the strong current of water slipped and went rolling down the driveway stairs. The result of the incident was a sprained ankle and weird looks from Skyler every time she spoke to him. Luckily, Skyler being the guy he is forgot about the incident and everything was quite dandy once again.

Vanilla took one last peek into the large hall mirror as she made her way out the door. Her younger sister, Maggie and her older brother Trent had both left for school half an hour ago. Vanilla glanced at her wristwatch and cried out in misery. School would start in 15 minutes. Picking up her pace, she ran out the door and started running towards her school.

Beads of sweat started to slip from her perfectly toned face. Vanilla halted her last thing she needed right now was to arrive at school sweaty. A horn honked but Vanilla ignored it. Looking down at her wrist, to her dismay the bell was going to ring in ten minutes. Ms. Laptor, the strict English teacher gave tardy students detention. And if Vanilla got detention, her imageries of catching Skyler's eye would diminish.

"Vanilla!" Someone yelled.

Vanilla turned around and couldn't believe her eyes. There was Skyler, in his shiny yellow sports car, honking at her. Vanilla arched her eyebrows and pointed to herself. Skyler nodded and motioned for her to come over. Vanilla smiled at the driver of the magnificent convertible, in her mind still picturing that "cute kid" with the Fisher Price car.

"Hey," she finally managed as she arrived at the front of the convertible.

"Do you need a ride?" Skyler offered, the morning sunshine reflecting off of his sunglasses.

"Yes," Vanilla shakily replied. She would have said more but she was completely in trance. In all the years she had known Skyler, he had never offered her a ride. Although they had been great friends in junior high, high school brought new circumstances and their friendship had started to diminish. In high school, Skyler and Trent became friends and unfortunately Vanilla had taken on the role as "Trent's little sister."

"So, how are you liking junior year?" Skyler asked, trying to make conversation.

"It's ok," Vanilla replied and the car went silent again.

[Good job, Vanilla,] She thought. [ He'll really fall in love with you now!] She gathered up the courage for small talk.

"How's the football team treating ya?" she asked.

"It's ok," Skyler replied. " But because it's a varsity team, the freshman are bringing us down."

Vanilla thought for a minute before she spoke, "don't worry, you're amazing- -you guys have nothing to worry up."

Skyler removed his sunglasses, exposing his bright green eyes. He smiled at Vanilla and then looked back at the wheel. Another prolonged uncomfortable silence reappeared. Vanilla let out a giggle and Skyler hummed a song in his head.

Vanilla was fidgeting with the buttons on her purse and she interrupted by Skyler's crisp voice.

"We're here," Skyler announced.

Forrest Grey High came into view as Skyler searched for a parking space. Girls gazed at Vanilla with looks of envy. When Skyler turned off the ignition, Vanilla realized that she was going to have to get out of his car. Although it was an uncomfortable experience, she had enjoyed every minute of it!

"Thanks for the ride," she spit out.

"No prob," Skyler replied in his easy-going manner. Vanilla turned to leave towards the front entrance but she was stopped by Skyler's arm on her shoulder.

"We should get everyone together again you know," he said. " We drifted apart over the years Vill-how about we go to the movies on Friday?"

Vanilla looked at the heartthrob as if he was joking. She averted his eyes until she finally replied. "Um-me and you-alone?" She gulped waiting impatiently for the answer.

"Oh no, " Skyler replied oblivious to the fact that he had just broken another heart. "Bring the gang- Allana, Ritchie, will be fun." Skyler winked at Vanilla and without another word said he sauntered off and she lost him in the crowd.


"You're having a great hair day Villa," Allana Mitchell commented on her best friend's hair as they made their way towards their lockers.

"Why thank you," Vanilla replied but Allana sensed that something was up. It was rare that Vanilla obviated compliments.

"What's up?" Allana decided to be forward.

"I got a ride with Skyler today," Vanilla replied dreamily.

"THE Skyler?" Allana shrieked.

"Shh-," Vanilla looked around to make sure he wasn't there.

"And you tell me this now? Well what did he say?"

"He asked if I wanted to go to the movies on Friday," Vanilla replied monotonously.

Allana gave her friend a weird look. She couldn't understand why Vanilla was so down even though the guy of her dreams had just asked her out. Sometimes, Allana couldn't understand her blonde counterpart. "WHAT?" she finally managed to yell. "I don't understand-Skyler Mathews just asked you out and you're-pensive."

Vanilla shrugged, " that's the thing. He didn't ask *me* out. He wants to go to the movies with everyone-you're invited too," Vanilla twirled a lock of hair around her finger, bemused in thought and paying very little attention to the confused brunette.

Allana performed a silent cheer but she could understand why Vanilla was upset. She wanted Skyler all to herself.

"Don't worry, I bet he really likes you. Maybe, he's trying to break the ice by inviting everyone," Allana hated to see her usually perky friend so gloomy.

The corners of Vanilla's mouth finally turned up and she shot Allana her famous smile. [Good old Allana] she thought. [What would I do without her?]

"Hello ladieeeees," Ritchie Norman shoved his way in-between his two gorgeous friends and proceeded to place one of his arms on Vanilla's shoulder and the other on Allana's.

"Hey Ritch," Allana replied to the friendly red head as the trio entered Ms. Laptor's room. Vanilla, usually very talkative remained silent and took a seat at her desk.

"What's wrong with her?" Ritchie pondered, shoving his emo glasses up his nose.

"It's girl stuff," Allana casually replied but Ritchie could sense that something was wrong.

"Ok, in that case-" Ritchie went over to a couple of his other friends. Allana shook her head. It figures that Ritchie would leave at the moment of any uncomfortable situation or problem. Although everybody knew that Ritchie was in love with Vanilla, it was also well known that Ritchie was the type of person who avoided unpleasant things. The glass was always full for Ritchie Norman.

Vanilla aimlessly scribbled down the notes from the board. But how could she concentrate on expanded metaphors when her destiny with Skyler was on the line? The answer was actually pretty simple- Skyler wanted to be her friend and nothing more. No matter how well Allana had put it, deep in her heart Vanilla knew the answer. Skyler's eyes didn't shine in that special way you look at the person you love. He remained friendly but there was nothing special about the way he acted towards her.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bell finally rang. Vanilla sprinted out of the class without even bothering to take down the homework. Something very un-Vanilla like.

She ran right through the jam-packed hallways without a care of what the people she crashed into thought. Before people could even see who had crashed into them, the blonde was long gone. As she started to approach her locker, Vanilla sped up and turned the corner. As luck would have it, she crashed right into the person coming from around the corner, sending all their books crashing to the floor.

"Oh, I'm so, so sorry!" she exclaimed and bent down to pick up the scattered books.


Vanilla stopped dead in her tracks and looked up. She met Skyler's face. It was weird to see his chiselled features apprehensive. He was usually so happy.

"Skyler! I'm so sorry! I was in a hurry and-," Vanilla averted her gaze from his face and proceeded to pick up the loose-leaf papers and books.

Skyler stopped her. "It's ok, I'll do it," he insisted.

Vanilla ignored him and continued to pick up his stuff. Skyler started to feel queasy as her delicate fingers picked up the blue folder and handed it to him. The picture was there. The picture of him and Michael. Except, nobody was supposed to see that picture. Nobody was supposed to find out.

Vanilla looked up at Skyler and nervously giggled. "Now I see why you're so jumpy! You didn't want me too see this!"

Skyler's stomach sunk. [Oh god, my life is over] he thought. His eyes met Vanilla's blue ones and watched as they shone mischievously. The blonde giggled before she produced the item she was holding behind her back. His Cher CD.

Skyler let out a loud sigh. He had never thought that he would be so happy to have someone find his Cher CD. If any of his guy friends found out though, he would be shunned.

"Skyler Mathews listens to-Cher?" Vanilla squealed with delight.

"Shh-," Skyler put his hand to her mouth trying to make her believe that he was really embarrassed.

"Oh, sorry my 'll be our little secret," Vanilla smiled at him. Skyler returned the smile, stuffing the picture deep at the bottom of his backpack. He nodded and picked up the remainder of his stuff.

Skyler cleared his throat, " Well I should get going. Mr. Johnson will bitch at me as usual. I hate that shit-head," he commented. Vanilla laughed but she was mostly laughing at the fact that he listened to Cher.

"I'll see you on Friday," he added as he left the now totally empty hall.

"I guess that saying is true," Vanilla thought to herself. "You really do learn something knew every day!"

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