Truth be told, this was inspired by my backyard. I have an acre of grass and what looks like wild hay, sorta. Well, anyway, what I can see from my window is a little creek. It's surrounded by tall grass and lots of beautiful Speckled Alders.

When I was writing, I had a lyricless song with an awesome beat playing full blast on my stereo. It had just rained and the outdoor air was fresh and clear and I had my window open all the way. I noticed how the light playing across the surface of the water matched the beats perfectly. It was beautiful.

[ 11-8-03: Well, enough reviews have complained about the word 'thy', so it's gone. ^-^ ]

Peace Flowing

The world is music
with a rhythm all its own,
peace flowing,
flashes of brilliance,
feel the beauty pulse,

Waving grass
and meandering creek,
the light plays patterns
across your surface.

the wind blows,
stirring the grasses and the leaves,
drawing the new
to replace the old.

Such wonder
as one cannot comprehend,
not fully,
but there is music,
rhythm in nature.

Peace flowing.

Flashes of brilliance.