I'm trying not to hate you

I am trying very hard

Jealousy's a song of warning

By a long forgotten bard

I bring my hand to harp string

And pluck a slender chord

Hear it's haunting sound

And leave my demon lord

You may have loved him once

But your affection flew away

Now I ask you go from here

For I am here to stay

You have been here long enough

Too long in many a view

Now leave his heart to me

I'll pass his pain to you

All that he has suffered

I'll make you feel tenfold

The nights he passed in sleepless care

Nursing love left cold

Will be yours alone to suffer

Will you know then what you've lost?

Will you try to win him back from me

Try to win at any cost?

You will not get very far

I hold him very close

He says he'll come and live with me

Is that something you can boast?

He says he loves me every day

And does not speak of you

I should think that you're forgotten

That he did not love you true

Yet I know there is a part of him

That can't forget your smile

I think he takes me in his arms

And loves you all the while

So I beg you're spirit, let him be

I cannot fight a ghost

Jealousy is bitter

And in the end she laughs the most