"Get out you bitch,"

His words still ring in my ear, still haunt me. But I've left, I left him like I left everyone else, heartbroken and insane. I've memorized them all, there faults, there pride, there secretes. I know them better then they know me, or them selves. I leaned back into the leather seat, inhaling another breath of smoke from the cigarette that was near death. My hands drummed on the wheel, feet tapping to the classical jazz that played on the radio, the station that Stark had introduced me to. Yes Stark, I remember him meeting at the bar, the room he had rented the first night, the music that played while we. while he made love. It's never really me. I drove past an ocean, a sunset backdrop to accompany it. One glance was enough, it usually is for these kinds of things, they're over rated. Jason would've stopped, he always made a big deal of things like this. Forcing me to stand there and smile as he took his prized camera and clicked away. It was the constant clicking that drove me to break him in the first place, it was well worth it. He smashed the thing against a wall as I left.

'Green Canyon' population: 148

"How sad," I muttered under my breath, driving into the town. The streets were empty, but it was 1:59, that's what to be expected. I stopped my car on the corner of a what I figured to be a grocery. Sleep was close when I realized that the radio was still on, so was the car. Energy was hard to muster to turn them off, but I did, the power died with silent "Hhss." Letting my body return back to it's prior position, I tried again to sleep, but by then I was overtired. Yawning, I crept out of the car, feeling as though my footsteps would wake up the whole damn town. It was different here, I could look up and see the stars, not a very common site. I walked on, through the simplistically laid streets. "Hello?" The voice was from the other side of the road. From the pale moonlight I could make out that he was male, not a surprise, most females don't wander around in the meek hours of the AM. He ran over, for no reason I could see. "What are you doing out here?" His voice was demanding, I had no interest.

"I could ask you the same question." Instead of answering he rummaged in a bag that hung across his shoulder, emerging with a flash light, which he turned on and pointed at my face. "Can you point that somewhere else?" I was irritated with him, and I was beginning to get tired. He timidly pointed the light down. "Do you want a place to sleep?" The question was so blatant, it was obvious what he wanted. "Sure," I didn't trust my voice or my answer, but followed anyway. He led me to a small house, not far from my car. Motioning me in through the opened door, I nodded and entered. I had no idea why I was being polite or why I was allowing my self to fall into what could be some sort of trap. The house was a one room, and dark. "You know." he whispered. "If your going to stay, you'll have to pay for your keep." He grinned what he must of thought was a seducing gesture. I knew what was going to happen next, and I let it happen. I don't do one after the other, I pick and chose the ones I play with. Though I had no control over this one, it just happened, and I enjoyed it. It was a rare occasion, I don't do this for fun, or for money as some others do. I do it for the my sick addiction to hurt people, that sounds sadder then the population of the town. The sun came up to soon, morning sex doesn't fit most people, including the nameless face that lay next to me. He smiled again, turning so his hazel eyes met my green ones. "Your really pretty," he sounded near intoxication, I seem to have that affect on men. His work worn hand came play with my hair, the dark locks twirling between his fingers. I wanted to leave, I didn't want to play with this ones emotions, I wanted to disappear from his presence before I could hurt him. Which was strange, I look forward to this part usually, I'd want to hurt him.. if he was someone else. Just seeing him there, bare chested, playing with my hair, is was something I hadn't experienced. He left to use the rest room, leaving me there, alone. So I left, retrieved my clothing and exited. As I ran, I noticed that there wasn't anyone else in the town, not in the buildings or the streets; that he was the only one ever there. Shacking my head, I found my car and drove off. Leaving the one nameless face behind.