First of all, to make this slightly less confusing, let me tell you that the first part is written in Aki's point of view, and the second point is written in her point of view. If you can't figure out who her is then you're probably really stupid because there is only one her referred to in the whole first part. BTW stars change viewpoint.

It's pretty short but has an interesting idea. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.


I was cast out as soon as possible. They thought I had something evil inside me and they didn't know how to get it out. They will never let me into their family again. But it's more than that. The entire galaxy knows me. Even though I have done nothing. They will never let me be apart of them. I was given great power at birth. So I can't die. And I can kill with my will. But the one who gave me my powers also put a curse on me. That I would turn on all I had supposedly loved.

I have never felt the effects of a curse. I have always truly loved all that have been like families to me. And they had always loved me back. Until the authorities found us. Time and time again. They always found us. No matter how hard I tried. I also tried living completely by myself. But people always found me. There were always ones that wanted to be my friend, my lover, my accomplice. But the authorities always find us, always take them away. They all end up dying, at the hands of the government that is supposed to be there for their good. So I figure, if they won't let me live a normal existence in peace, I won't let them either.

It will take me mere days to assimilate the throne. At least then they will have a reason to fear me. But the curse was wrong. It said that I would come to her for help. I don't need her help. Why would I? She has given me everything I need to take over the Universe. I know I am more powerful than she is. I was as powerful as she is when I was 5 years old. She had heard of my growing powers and decided that I was getting to comfortable with them for her own good. She tried to get me to come with her, to be her apprentice. But I realized that I could already do anything she could teach me. All I needed to know was politics and economics, psychology and sociology, things like that. Easy things, things I could learn anywhere. But the main thing factor was that I didn't want to be evil. I was still young and still had some hope for humankind. So I turned her away. She decided to kill me. She was supposed to be able to. She had set it up so that she would be the only one able to. But I had grown too powerful for even her. She couldn't kill me, and I very nearly killed her instead. She ran away when she realized she couldn't beat me. And I have never seen her since.


1 Year Later

I smirk as I look upon the wreck of human civilization. Great battles are being fought, but I know that they can't beat Aki. She is the best one I have done yet.

I love messing with humans. They are so easy to manipulate. Their minds are set with so many screw-ups. They are so dependent on being happy and feeling loved. It's especially fun when you stick some high level science in there too. If you looked at me you would think I was a human. But I'm not. Anyone who is like me would be able to tell too. It's in the eyes. Humans have such expressive eyes. But we do not. We don't have any emotions to express. I am the future descendant of human kind.

Messing with other dimensions is fun. Aki thinks that I am weak. She doesn't know that I purposely lost to her to help my plan. She would never have tried to take over if she thought that someone could beat her. What am I saying try? She has taken over. Completely and utterly. She controls the world. And through her, so do I. But it doesn't matter. I don't really care. Now that I have taken over, I'll probably forget about this dimension soon enough. And then their world will continue. For better or for worse. It doesn't matter. The way this is going they might actually make it to evolution. I helped Aki become very smart. She knows what she is doing.

I never put a curse on Aki. I just slightly altered her bio-chemical make- up so that she could do things that normal humans couldn't. Human kind did all it needed to on it's own to drive her to taking over. They have killed themselves before. I've seen it many more times than I have seen them actually make it to evolution. They never hold grudges. At this point you don't need grudges. We don't have emotions. Emotions, the thing that humans say makes life, life. To cross dimensions you can't have emotions. It would be too unstable. Especially human emotions. They are so complex. Too complex. But there are other species that have better forms of emotions. They have made it to a multi-dimensional form without losing their emotions.

I had better start looking for a new dimension to mess with. Now that I'm done with this one, I'll need something else to occupy my time. I have infinity.