Chapter Two: Migration
Moonlight looked around for somewhere to run. The gray thing was coming from the direction of the den. What was it?
"I demand to know what you are!"
The gray thing started coming closer, faster.
Moonlight, who was scared half to death, freked out and started to run. The thing caught up with her, and jumped on top of her.
Moonlight thrashed with all her might, and threw the thing off her. She pinned it to the ground.
"Oww! What was that for?!"
Moonlight looked and saw her best friend grinning from under her.
"Why you- you little- oh, you scared me!"
Dania pulled her self out from under her, still grinning.
"Your mom said not to run off any more, or she'll ground you."
Moonlight rolled her eyes, "Parents..."
Dania stopped in her tracks, "At least you have them..."
"Oh, I'm sorry Dania..."
"It's okay. I'm fine."
Moonlight knew she wasn't really fine.

They arrived back at the den around dusk, and all the other wolves were standing there, looking annoyed.
Thor loudly announced, "You have delyayed our journey a whole fifteen minutes."
Iris rolled her eyes, and Etho stuck out his tongue.
"Sorry...?", said Moonlight sheepishly.
"Well, then lets get a move on, shall we?", proclaimed Chimi.
Dania, Moonlight, and Iris walked next to eachother, talking about random grooming tips and other things girl wolves talk about.
Wind pushed Iris aside so he could walk next to Moonlight. Most of the wolves knew he had a thing for her, but they never said anything.
"Hi Moomlight."
She smiled politely, and bowed her head in response. Really, he wasn't that bad looking. His fur was light gray, and Moonlight admired the shine of it. It was his eyes that were strange. One was blue, the other was green. No other wolf in the pack had multicolored eyes.
He was more talkative than his brother, and sometimes you couldn't get him to shut up at all.
Iris rolled her eyes and went back to where her mother was.
Sky walked up next to Wind. Neither had been without eachother at any time.
"Hello, Moonlight. Hello Dania.", said Sky.
Dania and Moonlight greeted him back, and Dania went to were Ramisa was.
"Hi Ramisa... is there something wrong?"
"No. nothing at all. I'm fine."
The glint in her cold yellow eyes made Dania back away.

Nighttime fell and The males began diggin a makeshift den for the night. They probally would reach their destination till tommorrow afternoon,
The females went off to do the hunting. Not much was found, mostly a few field mice.

Later that night, as the adults where in the den, the younger wolves played and talked. Dania looked up into the sky.
"Hey Moonlight. Look at the moon tonight."
Moonlight looked.
"Yeah? Whats special about it?"
"Well, it seems a little darker, don't you think?"
"I guess... if you think so..."
Mercury pounced on Moonlights back at that very moment, and all the wolves began play fighting, except Iris, who thought the whole thing was rather barbaric.
"Everyone! Back to the den, now!", called Thors harsh voice.
Everyone was in the den in a split second.
"We need to talk.", announced Chimi.
The kids gathered round.
"Have any of you heard the story about the dark moon before?"
They shook there heads.
"...", Chimi hesitated, "well, a long time ago, there were many spirits. An air spirit, a water spirit, and a land spirit were the most powerful..."
Thor continued, "And they created everything you see. The land spirit is our main god, obviously, and he took care into creating us."
"However," continued Jupiter, "there was also an evil spirit. With her came a light spirit of course, but the light spirit wasn't very stong at all. The dark spirit somehow got control of the other gods and banished them. However, the land spirit wasn't affected and he defeated her and sent her to the underworld. But she was still alive. But every few years, the moon would darken, and terrible things would happen."
Iris yawned. "So, um, why are you telling us this?"
"Because you need to know!", shouted Ramisa.
Everyone stared at her, the usually quiet, angry wolf had suddenly yelled at the alphas wolves daughter.
"I'm very sorry, it's just that-"
"It's fine," replied Thor. "Good night, everyone."
The kids went to a seperate part of the den to sleep. However, Dania and Moonlight stayed up another hour.
"So what do you think that was?", asked Dania.
"I'm not really sure..."
"I guess we'll find out later."
"Yeah... I guess..."