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Is it just me or have these two elements taken a toll on Christian society today? For we are both the producers and the victims... let me explain myself. When was the last time you felt judged? really take a moment and think about this. For me it was after asking a friend what he believed religiously and having him be afraid to tell me that he was an Atheist because of what my reaction might be. In fact he was expecting me to shun him and refuse to be his friend any longer simply because that is how he had seen other Christians behave. This truly broke my heart. Who had he been around and what church did he go to that gave him this impression? After further conversations it began to appear that he thought Christianity was a bit of a cult! Then one day it finally hit me that these judgments were conclusions taken from mass stereotypes. Ones made about both Atheists and Christians. Why do we Judge? Aren't we as Christians called love others regardless of who they are? what they believe? I think the problems arise in the overwhelming conclusion that we are right. And of course we think we are right, and so does everyone else, if we didn't wouldn't we believe something else. There is only one way to get along with those who have different beliefs and that is to agree to disagree. Now understand this,i do not mean to say that we should dampen or drop what we believe but rather understand arguing takes you nowhere. It only raises tensions and adds another stereotype to the list- angry. So in conclusion all I am saying is that it really really important that we show love to everyone... no matter who they are. What do u think?

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I agree. As it says in Peter...somewhere "Be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you, but do it with gentleness and respect."

In other words, we can say what we believe, but God wants us to love everyone and therefore respect them and their beliefs. We can't yell them into believing or scream that they're wrong, we have to show them love, the love of our Lord and Savior.

I will admit that because I go to a private Christian school I don't know a lot of non-Christians, but I can understand your dilemma. It hurts when someone judges like that, not only because you were judged, but because you don't want them to think that and feel sorry that they do. Of course, when I take a step back and really look at the big picture, I can see where these stereotypes came from. It's very sad really, and I wish things weren't the way they are, but the devil is smart and cruel, and he has twisted and warped the image of those who bear our Savior's name until those on the outside no longer see a welcoming family of believers, but a hypocritical cult.

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Yes hypocrisy defiantly has A LOT to do with it. There is not much that bugs me more than when people say one thing and do another! Especially when they are calling themselves Christians and living in the ways of the world. Something that I've learned recently- when we say we are Christians and behave as if we arent the only difference between us and the rest of the world is that we are hypocrites and they aren't.

2/11/2010 #3 Report

I know what you mean when you say you guys know how you can see the hurt and dissapointment in other's eyes when they are looked at differently. I was one who was looked at differently a couple years ago. I have always been a Christian most of my life since I was eight years old, but when I started becoming a teenager, (you know how they begin to become rebelous) well I was that way. I thought I was a know it all and got into the wrong group of friends. Then people looked at me different and didn't understand what I did. I changed my life quickly because I was convicted and God opened my heart and my eyes and showed me what I was doing was wrong. I shouldn't re rebelous, I should want to stand up for what is right, and stand before him to show others what his word says. We are all looked at different and some people just don't understand us. They wonder, "Where do you get all this spiritual God stuff from, and why do you do what you do?" well some people just believe God is watching over all of us. He guides each and everyone of us.

We all get discouraged too and don't know what we can do to help "us" get better and be On Fire for God. I went to a christian camp this passed summer and the theme verse was Isaiah 41:13. That rverse suck with us all summer. It says to Not let go of what you believe. Don't be afraid. Dont let go. Stand for what you believe.

I know people who are christians and who are not. I go to a public school. They way they act you would think you know who they are, but if you really did know that person and knew they went to church and was a christian, you would also see how different they acted when they go to school. I know quite a few people who are hypocrits. They say one thing, believe, and then do another and act as the "WORLD" is all the matters. Actually its not all that matters. People involves their lives around the World. I believe that you shouldn't do that. Involve your life around God. He changes your life, and its wonderful how he works in your life.

My youth leader preached on Wednesday night about those who are Christian and walk the fence line. They have friends who are real Christians and serve God on one side of the fence, but then also have those who are not, and are worldly on the other side. And all you do is sit in the middle of it all, and take both sides. You can't do that. Its not possible, because it hurts your life. You either grow closer to the Lord or farther away. The best route is grow closer. Dropping your old friends, and bad habbits will take time, and its a lot of work. Trust me I know this. I just changed my whole group of friends this passed year, and it was really tough to tell them I didn't want to be involved with them anymore because they were not helping me in my Christian walk. The point is that there is a lot of us who are in the world who might be hypocrits, and those who strive to help others as well ( Becoming God's light, his tool, uses you to speak through you to others.)

We need to help those who need it. If it's helping yourself in the process to become a better Christian and take the right side of the fence, then thats great. Life is hard, it gets harder. In the end its all rewarding in Heaven with the man who created us, God.

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