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Chriatianity not logical?

To atheists out there who who think that Christianity is illogical... I have some answers.

I have found that Atheists seem to want to have an explanation for everything... All things of this world must have evidence to back it up. This s why most of you dont believe in God isnt it?... not enough evidence?

Well I have a question which I an respectfully asking you all... The big bang theory states that the earth formed from gas and rocks... but where did the gas an rocks come from? Did they already exist in space? Where did space come from?

Ok... lets jump back for a second and say the big bang theory is plausible (which I sure it isn't). The big bang theory basically states that matter collided and created more matter. But this world is not just matter. How is it that matter collided and we got both more matter and thing that are abstract such as love, peace, anger and joy. I ave heard atheists argue that matter created the brain which created these things. This not true, the brain recognizes these things, it did not create them.

I encourage you al to think logically about what I ave just said and you might conclude that what you find is suprising.

2/11/2010 #1 Report

Well I agree with you DreamInPink.

I think that God created the world and that everything that doesn't make sense like the matter and the gas and rock thing. If those were here on Earth then someone must have created them. God created this planet for humans to live on, and serve him.

About different religions.... I know everyone has their own belief and I am a Christian and believe in God. He has and does work in our lives, and some people think things that happen to them are miracles and others think its just magic, or happened because they have good luck. Magic isn't real. Sorry to burst your bubble to those who do believe in magic. I am not sure about luck though. I guess you can have luck, like people are lucky when they win the lottery. Its a matter of a chance in life. I am not saying that you should gamble, because gambling is bad, it says in the bible that we shouldn't gamble.

Back to the big bang theory too, I don't agree with it, and scientists think thats there way and scientific situations and explanations is the only way things are possible. Well i don't agree. I think most of the things they don't have real hard evidence behind it, then it isn't true.

This is just what I think. Everyone is opened to their opinions.

2/13/2010 #2 Report

Something that I heard recently... Atheists often to refer to themselves realists or say that their way of thinking is logcal. But I have looked at their argument many different ways and I cant seem to find a single logcal side. I have some Atheists friends who are the most intelligent people I know so I cant help but wonder how did they miss something so big? There is a song we sing in church that says "I searched for truth and all I found is You." Perhaps there never truly looked for the truth...

2/19/2010 #3 Report

I know what you mean. I have a few people myself that I know, and are Athesist. They don't understand what we see and we are the same way. We don't understand them too and their way of being what they are.

-Maybe they are afriad of what they might see, or did see the truth and was scared and just doesn't want to believe it. They prefer their life and how they act and don't care what other options there are out there.

Your quote/song" I searched for truth and all I found is You," I like it a lot. It reminds me of something I said a few weeks ago at my youth group snow camp trip, I was crying and well prayed and poured my heart to God and said," All that I am you created and I am telling you that I am yours." -Do what you want with me to let me serve you and such...

I am going to look into this topic more about Athesist and then write more about them on here next time someone replies. :)

I wished that everyone could see eye to eye, and understand God is real.

2/20/2010 #4 Report

The Big Bang is supposed to be the beginning of everything, including space-time. Since time did not exist, there was no "before" the Big Bang. Therefore the Big Bang was the first thing to ever happen, ever. You're argument "Where did the space, rocks, and gas come from?" makes no sense considering that they are all supposed to come from the Big Bang. The Big Bang is an expansion (not an explosion) from a single point called singularity, which is what supposedly lies at the heart of a black hole, where everything is condensed into one single point. On the other hand, I can flip your own argument "Where did this, this, and this come from?" back to you and ask "Where did God the Father come from?" "Where did God the Son (Jesus) come from?" "Where did the Holy Spirit come from?" and you'd probably not be able to give me an answer. Why? Because God "coming from" or "being created" by anyone or anything undermines his status as the supreme being of the universe.

2/23/2010 #5 Report

Another point I'd like to raise is in response to God's Pen and the post you made about magic not being real. I'd just like to inform you that it's impossible to separate God from magic (i.e. if you believe in one, you believe in the other). The reason is because God and magic are both supernatural. I could make the argument that Jesus used magic in order to transform water into wine, perform exorcisms, and raise the dead. God, his prophets, and the disciples all acknowledge the existence of magic (be it beneficial or not) and make stern warnings against practicing it. Magic is real enough that in Deuteronomy (???) God warns us against using it or associating with people who use it. In the age of Saul, David, and Solomon those who dabbled in magic did so under the threat of death. It was real to them. Saul even takes part in what seems to be a seance when the WITCH he associates with summons what appears to be the ghost of Samuel. The apostle Paul encourages the burning of magic books. Also keep in mind that there is a difference between "real magic" (if you believe in this kind of thing) and illusionists (such as Houdini and magicians like him). There is no reason for anyone in the Bible - especially those closely in league with God, such as Paul or David - to feel this strongly about magic if it weren't real to them.

2/24/2010 #6 Report

Hi covershot! Just so you know I am in no way here to argue with you, just simply answer your question. First of all God didnt come from anywhere, he was always there. Now stop for a second, before you tell me that this fact makes my argument the same as yours hear me out. Have you ever tried to explain physics or the makeup of DNA to an ant? This is a task that is virtually impossible. All they know and understand is what is within their ant society. This principal is the same with us. God is far too big for us to ever completely understand. This is why in the Bible Jesus uses a lot of parables; comparing the kingdom of heaven to things that they could relate to. Everything we know has a beginning and end. At some point, everything in this world begins and dies- nothing has always been and nothing always will be. I like to call this thinking two dimensional. This is why it is impossible for us to fathom eternity- forward in time or back. The very concept breaks away from everything that we have ever known, ever understood. It is for this reason that so many scientists are atheists. They look for the origin of life with in their known two dimensions. Creating theories such as the big bang to justify the miracle because they never stop to consider that there are more dimensions to life. God has an infinite number of dimensions. He has no limitatations. With God, time is irrevalent for he is the creator of time. He is held back by nothing, stopped by nothing and is defined by no single thing. So to sum up my answer to your first question. No, God had no beginning and He has no end because he is all-powerful. He always was always is and always will be. And best of all He loves you weather you believe in Him or not in ways that you cant even image. Where did Jesus come from? Where did the Holy Spirit come from? Like God they were always there. And the three of them are one thing. Kind of like an egg. There is a shell, a yoke and an egg white- three parts one egg. Same basic principal one God three parts. So now you are probably asking yourself how we know God is real. Well I have buckets and buckets of scientific, archeological, and current evidence and if you want those statistics let me know and I will post them. But for now I leave you with this... there is evidence all around you. The detail of our bodies, of our ecosystems... In my opinion none of that could be an accident. Did you know that if the earth was even a tenth of a degree off of its axis any life would not be able to exist.

3/7/2010 #7 Report

if magic is what you want to call God's power then so be it but the magic witches use are from the devil and God's so called magic is completelly different. Also, not to be rude but for u to ackwnoldge any kind of magic means you are reconizing the existance of God who as an atheisist you deny exists. just a note to all readers... magic is a really bad way to describe God's power (I mean no offense Covershot) because He goes beyond that.

3/7/2010 . Edited 3/8/2010 #8 Report

(What the hell is up with fictionpress!? I can't create gaps in the paragraphs!) DreamInPink, before I go on I just want to stress that I am not in any way trying to attack your beliefs or anything of the sort. That said, I'm going to respond to your first post first and then answer the second post later. To begin, I'm aware of the concept of the Trinity and how God is the "Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end" as was sure that someone would reference that passage at some point. What I was doing was pointing out that the argument you were using earlier could easily be flipped against you. You said earlier that God has no beginning and is outside time and, if you think about it, the Big Bang is the same way for reasons that I posted already. That said, I want to address what you said here - "Creating theories such as the big bang to justify the miracle because they never stop to consider that there are more dimensions to life." - and that I don't think it's entirely fair to generalize everyone who believes in the BB theory that way, especially when one could (again) flip this around on the Creation side ("People create things like gods to justify the unknown"). While I'd love to see the evidence that you've mentioned I think that you, me, and everyone who cares about this topic must accept that until the day we die we will never know this for sure. But, please, show the evidence and we can continue from there. As for everything else you said, while it's a good read and all and maybe it's because of the fact that we can't separate paragraphs, but the point of it all kind of sailed over my head.

3/8/2010 #9 Report

As for the second post, I would like to point out that I wasn't confirming the truth as to what's said in the Bible, but merely pointing out that according to the Bible, magic DOES exist. I personally see no difference in the powers that Jesus and the devil/demons used, only that the former used it for good and the latter didn't. I reinforce that God, Jesus, the apostles, and the prophets before them all acknowledge the existence of magic and warn people away from it.

3/8/2010 #10 Report

In the big bang theory, Where did the matter come from in the so called beginning? I mean I think it is all like There was nothing and then there was suddenly a ball of matter and then all the magic happened.

3/20/2010 #11 Report

"In the big bang theory, Where did the matter come from in the so called beginning? I mean I think it is all like There was nothing and then there was suddenly a ball of matter and then all the magic happened."

Understand that the Big Bang Theory states that the Big Bang is the beginning of space-time and is thus, the first thing to ever happen. There was no before the Big Bang because time did not exist. When the BB occurred, matter was created in the early universe. So there was no "matter" to create the Big Bang, like you seem to be saying. Because the Big Bang was the first thing to ever happen (as we, as humans, would see it) it wasn't created by anything.

Personally, I can't see why people are so ready to accept "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end" (Book of Revelation) as a perfectly acceptable theory as to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit's origins but cannot make that same leap of faith for an equally credible theory. I could again as the same questions: "What/Who created the Godhead?" and I couldn't get an answer that does not lead back to that verse somehow. But, as I see it, if you are willing to take that verse above as evidence of God's origins then you will have to accept that the Big Bang is just as credible.

Btw, just so we're clear: There was no matter to "create" the Big Bang. It was the beginning of time.

3/21/2010 #12 Report

No I know all that but how would all that be created?I know it is still just a theory and I do not agree with it but how would some scientist come up with such a weird thing. What (in there theory) made everything? Basically what is the big bang and how does it work? I just don't see what created it if there was nothing to begin with.


3/21/2010 #13 Report

"No I know all that but how would all that be created?I know it is still just a theory and I do not agree with it but how would some scientist come up with such a weird thing. What (in there theory) made everything? Basically what is the big bang and how does it work? I just don't see what created it if there was nothing to begin with."

(I can't actually link you to it, so if doesn't work a simple Google Search should suffice.)

How would what have been created? Before the Big Bang, the universe was contained inside a single point (singularity) and the BB was the action of that point expanding to the universe. Since it's theorized that this was the beginning of space and time there is nothing "before" it, therefore nothing created it (of course that's not the only way of explaining things). If you think about it God's explanation of his own origins, "I am the beginning and the end..." works in almost exactly the same way, IMO. He's always existed so, in our way of thinking, he'd have to have been the first thing to ever happen. Ever. They're almost exactly the same. The only difference is that one explanation is supernatural and the other isn't.

So that brings me to the next thing you said: "... and I do not agree with it but how would some scientist come up with such a weird thing..."

I personally don't see how the idea of a supernatural trinity somehow existing forever and never been created and one day deciding to create everything we know as our universe is any less weird. I'm no scientist, but obviously something must be making sense to them in order for this theory to be as accepted as it is. I'm not saying that the theory is perfect. Even the most atheistic scientist would tell you that the theory has holes. But the Creation theory isn't perfect either.

"Basically what is the big bang and how does it work?"

I answered this, but I'm no scientist, thus my explanation isn't giving you the full picture. The Internet is full of information, there are books that you can find at any library, if you're in College/High School and you're really interested, you can take an Astronomy course. The link I gave you above is a basic look at the Big Bang Theory. There's a lot of information available. Be warned, there's a lot of physics involved.

"I just don't see what created it if there was nothing to begin with."

I could say the same thing about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit and there's no answer anyone could give me, simply because to answer it and admit that God is created lessens his status as the "Supreme Being". Again, it's no more plausible (even less so) than the Big Bang.

3/23/2010 #14 Report
Made Hartt

Personally i believe the bible is half metaphor so anything science says is illogical can't really be proven to be real or fake. Thats faith for you

12/23/2010 #15 Report

God is the cause, therefore, He is the cause. That's a quote that is sort of edited from Sophacles's (right name?) statement. He originally intended it for the Greek gods, but in the end, the point still stands. All gods either tie back to the Christian God or Satan in some form or another. God is the cause, therefore he requires no cause. In order for him to have a cause, He would have to be a part of Creation. But because God is the Creator, and not a part of Creation, He requires no cause. That's why He's there. He was, is, and yet to come.

7/11/2011 #16 Report
A Fire Rose

I have been writing a story that is a discussion between a Christian and an atheist. I have been researching and using the best I can find of each argument, and it's intriguing. But Christianity always comes through!

10/14/2011 #17 Report

Sure! Christianity may not be logical. But hey, is life? For me it's the illogicalness which makes everything so beautiful.

10/20/2011 #18 Report
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