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Anyone thank or think of thanking their minister/priest/religious leader?

Has anybody ever put together a special event to thank their religious leader for everything they do? Ever thought or daydreamed about it? I know I have. I actually wrote mine up into a story and posted it on here. Here's the link:


I'm throwing out a challenge: think up and write down a story of something very special (NOTHING ROMANTIC OR SEXUAL, PLEASE) that you and/or your church do to thank your religious leader. Then write it in a story, post it on FictionPress, and post the link on this thread so I can see it. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing your stories.

1/4/2009 #1 Report
Just Silly Me

Goood idea but what to do when that religious leader is your father? lol...

9/6/2009 #2 Report
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