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A Ronin Sacrifice [Overview]
A Austin Loudin


" We lose someone precious to us that led us into a life of spirals and isolation. Consistently on the run from the ones we once called, our brothers and sisters. We saw the world for what it could be but our perception and naive fashion had let us astray from what it actually was. Could a Ronin like us ever find the things we love again? or will we accept our fate to be dead in the world of isolation? This is what a Ronin is and always will be, a warrior destined to be alone. " ~ Ronin Yuko


Placed in the 18th Century, This world you live in is similar to Feudal Japan and their culture. This world is ruled by the samurais and clans are different from one and another with their own set of agendas and politics they strive to up-keep but all of this, means nothing to the likes of a Ronin especially the Mortal Demons. Duration of the story, The Mortal Demons in this world are being hunted down for spilling many innocents blood and the killing of the Emperor's Wife. Samurai, Ninja, Holy Priests and many more foes started a conquest to these so called Ronins'. The Ronins' proclaimed responsible for are called, "Shi no akuma." (The Mortal Demons). Each of Mortal Demon's weapon is said to be forged from the blood of innocent from their Sensei.

Akuma no sutairu no chi no bō ("Devil Style Blood-lust") was a forbid style taught by The Mortal Demons's Sensei. This style is used when the users mind is being taken over by their Mortal Demon's weapon. During the venture of this state they have to satisfy their blood-lust. This style will make the user forget themselves and become a demon temporary although there are restraint to this style. The Sensei have taught you that, you mustn't have the urge to kill and if you do, make sure to shallow the nerve or make sure you feel pain.

The Mortal Demons had found their Sensei slain and broken. Blood splattered everywhere in the room and many items torn inside the given room. It became soon a set up to The Mortal Demons as they were rushed by Ninjas. As The Mortal Demons barely made their escape, an alarm spread in the capital of Rouge Ronins in the area, proclaiming you and your fellow friends. Samurais started to spur up behind The Mortal Demons as they started to run towards the gate.

A line has been formed from the members of The Mortal Demons. The one that lead needed to be quick and precise at striking down the guards from the capital. The Mortal Demons had many stands in the capital, their limbs grew tired and weary after countless strikes from the Samurais tagged along with the Ninjas. The clouds clouded the skies as it struck the Earth with their thunder along side the heaviness of the guilty rain weighed every member down. With their memories in a haze, each one doesn't remember what happened after they escaped.

What is the next motion of The Mortal Demons? What is next for them?

(You are apart of The Mortal Demons running from the Emperor. Once a secret samurai group that carried out the slaying of demons that either roamed or possessed a human's body. You were framed of a task such as, murdering dozens of innocents, slaying your sensei and the death of the emperors wife.)

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