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A Ronin Sacrifice (Book One): A Grieving Passionate Soul
A Austin Loudin

Ivan felt ashamed about being called a deserter and it struck a cord with Heartway. Jin on the other hand just kept the same posture.

"You could say," Ivan answered. "I'm a royal court deserter," Ivan answered hoping not to scare away Yoshikazu.

"Emperor Court deserter," Jin spoke not of confidence but out of guilt.

Heartway didn't speak.

"Heartway is a Holy Court Deserter," Jin spoke once more as Heartway seemed to sadden more.

"She doesn't want to talk about what happened." Ivan also spoke adding on.

"Ah, I see. How about you see Tet about it. He always treats newcomers." the man pointed at an old wooden house with a figure standing outside collecting wheat.

"Nice boy but no one really talks to him." another man spoke.

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... Well if this wasn't the biggest sign that something out there was having a laugh at his life, then he didn't know what was. How was it possible that the first farm he stopped at was the one a former lieutenant was at? Ah well, he wouldn't question it.

Teriuihi smiled. "Thank you, we'll go speak to him now. Have a nice day!"

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Autobot Skyflame

He noticed their expressions, "Oh, forgive me, I did not mean to upset or offend any of you. I have had some trouble over the last few days." he didn't want to give the others the all clear yet. Not until he asked one more question, "What happened?"

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Akira stumbled along, clutching her side tightly. She wasn't sure where exactly she was, her head spinning from blood loss. She paused to glance down at the wound on her side. She had earned a deep gash from a blade in her escape. She honestly didn't remember who gave it to her or when. She remember feeling it after thr fact though. She stumbled into some and yelped in pain before falling to the ground, her head spinning even more.

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A Austin Loudin

"Good. Maybe he has some clothes." Yuko whispered as she trudged towards the figure.

"The royal court life didn't suit me. Being fancy, sure but everyone wears a mask there. I just ran away from the life to pursue another court but I failed to do so." Ivan shrugged. "I felt like I was being lied to and deceived." Ivan finished his venture. "Short but its something," he added with the guilt of being a run-away.

"The Emperor was making unjustified execution. However, no one seemed to notice the same way I was." Jin just leaned on a rock. "They knew I was questioning against the Emperor, so I figured I just exile myself because I felt like I was next on death row." Jin ended his venture wi the guilt of a coward.

Heartway was pale, she felt guilty of leaving something behind that was precious.

"All you need Yoshikazu about Heartway is that she questioned the Holy Court," Jin stated. "It came as a cost," Jin added.

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Autobot Skyflame

He nodded, "Then we have all been betrayed." he signaled for his companions to come out.

Well this was not what Yoshikazu was expecting to happen while he was talking to these knights. He spun around to find the person who bumped into him on the ground. "Hey are you okay?" he said kneeling down to help her, "Akira!?" he said recognizing his fellow Mortal Demon

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"Probably. Though I wouldn't expect the fancy clothes you're used to from our former position." Teriuihi said as he walked towards the figure, caution in his steps.

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A Austin Loudin

(Going to eat.)

The three deserters see as they got up and headed over to the fallen victim.

"What happened to her?" Ivan spoke as Jin kneeled before them besides Yoshikazu.

Yuko was silent towards Teriuihi as they took caution towards the figure.

Tet was simply gathering wheat with his pitchfork, the sun began to rise slightly more as he started to sweat. Not aware of newcomers.

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"Hello there. Are you Tet? The men by the wall said that you were the person to see for food and directions." Teriuihi greeted with a smile.

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Autobot Skyflame

"Rin! Do you have any spare bandages?" he called out as he picked her back up with one arm and held her wound with his other hand. "Akira, are you okay? Stay with me friend." he said as he tried to think of any ways to help her.

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A Austin Loudin

Tet jumped as he heard his name, dropping his pitchfork.

"Oh I uh, hello." Tet had a nervous smile. "Why yes. People say that." Tet just stood there for awhile while admiring the two. Tet was smaller than Teriuihi. "Oh, that's right!" Tet said pointing upwards, "You two are here for the food and I see you might need clothing as well." Tet looks at Yuko in which turns she gives a glare at him.

He became worried.

'I...feel...angry?...' Sloth said with a hint of anger.

The Laughing Demon Chuckles - A Forced Memory - Teriuihi

The memory was continuing from the disruption. Back where the stairs were with three individuals with bags over their heads.

"We have all came today to seek justice," Cedric spoke out loud to a crowd of individuals, "The three here that kneels before us has committed acts against this very castle. The first was a trustworthy friend of the castle, known for keeping the farms protected but instead had been feeding the enemies and causing famine within the castle! Tet, The fourth Lieutenant of the Sloth Castle Afflilation!" Cedric yelled out, you felt shocked as the bag was removed from Tet's head.

"Speak now! Why have you commit treason to this very castle!" Cedric was yelling at Tet.

Tet didn't say anything but kept his head down on the stairs.

"Speak!" yelled Sloth at Tet.

Tet's armor was rusted, worn out and almost falling due to his last stand. No words, just bruises, and cuts.

"Tet, you know what happens with treason. Execution." Cedric had cut ties with Tet at that very moment. "Take him away," Cedric said to a few guards as they started to not carry but drag him down the stairs. Tet looked as if he could barely stand.

"I'm sorry that you had to see such a friend to be a foe all along," Cedric said as he turned to leave but stopped beside Sloth's throne chair. "The Mortal Demon was said to be heading here. I suggest we prepare for it. He seemed have killed the others." Cedric ended the conversation as he headed inside.

Rin walked out with little bandages.

"Does these count?" Rin asked as she walked closer causing a bit of fear in Heartway and Ivan.

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Teriuihi grimaced. 'Ah, so those are who those prisoners were... I suppose that explains everything now. Sloth, I am not going to kill him, despite whatever you may say.'

"Yes, anything you can spare would be fantastic. We'd be happy to work off anything we owe for you doing this, as well." He said with a smile, nudging Yuko to remind her to do the same.

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Autobot Skyflame

"She's tall, so what." Yoshikazu said to them, "Yes, thank you." he took the bandages and began to wrap them around her wounds, "Glenda, is there a stream nearby, somewhere we can wash her wounds?"

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A Austin Loudin

"It would be eternally grateful if you could help us." Yuko sounded awkward as she didn't want to say anything else. She nudged back, harder.

"It is really nothing." Tet smiled brightly as he picked up his pitchfork. "Just come inside." Tet gestured towards his rickety wooden home. "She isn't much but its livable." he shrugs as he begins to make his way to open the door.

Goodwin took a minute to think.

"There is a lake from Moon Blossom." Heartway suggested.

However, Moon Blossom was where you were at before.

"I believe the rumors of a lake is in the ruins. We could stride in there." Ivan suggested.

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Autobot Skyflame

He nodded as he finished putting the bandages on her. These ones would only be temporary, he picked her up and stood up, "Rin, you must carry her, it would be easiest that way." he said nbefore turning around, "Then we must make our way there quick." Yoshikazu said as he motioned for Rin to follow as he began to run through the cave.

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(Done! And no. I'm not crying. You're crying.)

Akira could barely get any words to form on her lips. She recognized the faces around her and relief flooded her. She shakily removed Ocean from her back and clung tightly to the long weapon so Rin could carry her easier. "Th-Thank you..." she finally managed to whisper.

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Teriuihi glared at her for a brief moment and nudged back, even harder, before smiling at Tet. "Thank you for allowing us to come inside your home. We really do appreciate it." He followed after him.

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A Austin Loudin

Rin was confused until Akira was in her hands.

"Oh, uh, anytime?" Rin asked Akira but she shook her head as she ventured forth in the cave towards the ruins.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Goodwin suggested as she entered the ruins.

"Yes! Another adventure!" Ivan yelled out as he charged in the cave with a sword.

"Are you guys even considering its just a rumor?" Jin sighed as he ran in after them.

'Will this be it?' thought Heartway as she shook her head and continued forth after them.

Inside the cave was dusty walls that had inscribed symbols on them with haste the group ventured forth to find water, if there was one, inside the ruins. The cave looked man-made as stone bricks was the wall with dim torches. As the party ran in, Yoshikazu ran first.

'Be careful!' screamed Envy.

Yuko glared back as she nudged even harder.

"It is my pleasure to do so. However people at this farm been directing newcomers to my house." Tet shrugs as he enters.

Inside was wooden support pillars. Everything in the place had everything squished together. A small area for the kitchen, a small area where the table and chairs sit by the window to watch the moon. Two sections of the house was sectioned off but through the cracks of the wood, its bedrooms. One large enough for two and one small enough for just one in the other room.

"Really isn't much. My sisters would greet the newcomers." Tet smiled as he turned to the newcomers as Yuko straightened up after the nudged with a fixed smile.

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"It looks fine, no need to worry, Tet." Teriuihi said as he nudged back, once again, even harder. He would not be beaten, not at something so trivial as this. "Is there anywhere you'd prefer us to wait, Tet?" He paid close attention to Tet's body language to see how he reacted to him. If he was anything like Goodwin, then he probably recognized Sloth.

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A Austin Loudin

"Quit nudging me." Yuko whispered annoyed to Teriuihi.

Yuko nudged against Teriuihi's stomach.

"The table would be a good start." Tet had a nervous smile as he went to the kitchen. He seemed to take a long way around Teriuhi as if to avoid him. "We are loaded with bread if that is fine." Tet said as he reached for a bowl.

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Autobot Skyflame

'I am!' he screamed back at Envy, he didn't lie he made sure his eyes were open for the slightest difference in the floor, walls or ceiling, nit his most alert, but would definitely see something long before he triggered it. He had an ally in whose life was at risk and that was his first priority, that did mean staying alive long enough to help her.

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A Austin Loudin

Yoshikazu ran straight through as he took a turn towards the left when a large amount of pebbles was thrown at him.

A trap was set off in the back as Heartway was fallen into a spike trap along with Jin. However Jin's weapon dug into the walls of the trap, saving both of their lives.

Rin stood behind Yoshikazu as she dodged out of the way towards a pillar to take cover with the injured girl.

A large stone pillar came straight from the wall towards Ivan, causing him to use his shield as he clashed against the wall, using all the force he has to not get crushed.

"The whole ruins is filled with traps!" Ivan yelled out.

"Smart one, aren't you." Jin commented loudly.

"There was no wires, no pressure plates, no nothing!" Heartway yelled out.

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Akira clung tightly onto Rin and her naginata. She felt some of her strength coming back thanks to a surge of adrenaline. "I can make it past on my own, I think." she said softly. "If not that, use my naginata to help the two that fell into the trap. She's long enough to reach them."

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu using as quick thinking as possible pulled his naginata from his back qnd spun it fast in front of him deflecting all of the pebbles. Once the pebbles stopped he quickly turned around, "Rin, give me Akira and use her naginata to help them up." he wanted to get this done quickly, but he also wanted to make sure they all made it to the other side.

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Teriuihi grunted and nudged against her stomach. "You stop it. This is childish." He whispered back. He glanced at Tet and raised an eyebrow at his strange behavior. "Yes, anything you can spare is appreciated. Tell me, is there anything we can do to repay this kindness?"

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A Austin Loudin

"It seems a bit dangerous," Rin commented as she held her flail. "I believe I can do it with this." Rin patted Akira as she handed her over.

Rin proceeded to throw her flail over to the two in the trap. Heartway caught hold and was lifted up.

"This thing is going to crush me!" Ivan screams out as the pillar is crushing him further into the wall.

Jin dangles from his lance as he grips firmly onto his weapon.

A stone pillar comes from the ceiling onto Rin causing her to drop her flail. Rin stands firmly as the ground beneath her starts to crack.

"Does someone know we are here?" Heartway asked an open question as Rin

"No clue. Use my flail to grabs that shield guard out of the way." Rin spoke as she started to breathe in and out as she seems to hold the pillar in place.

Heartway grabs the flail as she chucks the end of it to Ivan. He grabs on to it as she pulls causing the pillar to crash into the wall with a sword but Ivan escaped.

The sound of stone rumbles further down the hall. As if something is walking.

"You did it first." Yuko growled as she was nudged as she whispered as she nudged him once more.

As Teriuhi glance at his strange behavior, his eyes lead him towards a worn out rusted shoulder piece from an armor set. It looked as if it hasn't been used for awhile.

"You could tell me the tales of your adventure." Tet smiled as he seemed to jump to grab the abundant of bread in the bowl. "If you have any that is." Tet looked at Yuko. "My sisters left some of their clothes here. You are happy to try them on." Tet gave a worried smile this time. "Don't worry, they don't come here often, they are traveling merchants you could say. With all the events that transpired, I sincerely hope for their safety." Tet nodded as he placed down the bowl on the table.

'He...seems...strange...' Sloth suggested.

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"Because you were being rude. Now stop it!" Teriuihi whispered back, eye twitching as he nudged her back.

He glanced at Tet and smiled. "Ah, I don't know how much there is to say. We've been to many places, seen many things, even gotten into a few fights here and there. It's not all that interesting, to be honest." He looked towards the piece of armor. "But that must have a story behind it. Would you mind telling us about it?"

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Autobot Skyflame

"Just hang in there Rin." he encouraged her as he placed Akira on the floor with her back to the wall. "Ivan! Get over here quickly and help me get your friends! Grab my ankles!" he said as the layed on the floor and reached for them. He waited for Ivan so that he could be lowered to grab them and pull them out.

(No adding more problems please. I would like to at least ensure they all live before what might happen tomorrow)

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A Austin Loudin

Yuko eyed Teriuihi.

"I wouldn't mind taking up the offer you suggested." Yuko turned to Tet and smiled.

"My sister's clothes are in the big bedroom," Tet said worriedly as he pointed and Yuko nodded.

"Thank you very much," Yuko added.

Yuko headed in the bigger bedroom as Tet stood there nervous. Tet sits down at the table.

"Oh, you mean that." Tet inquired as he stared as he laid his pitchfork down. "Nothing to talk about much of the armor," Tet said looking at Teriuihi as if he recognized him but shook his head.

Ivan was finally pulled all the way over to Heartway and the others. As he was being pulled, Jin caught on with his weapon to be pulled up along being pulled up by Yoshikazu as Ivan helped.

Jin pushes Rin out of the way, causing the pillar to fall, hurting no one.

"Whatever it is, it doesn't want us here," Jin said as he took a minute to breathe along with a few others.

"Adventure awaits." Ivan chuckles.

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Akira clutched her side and let out a soft sigh of relief. "Whoever thought of this cave, come here so I can give you a good smack and take all of your money as punishment."

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