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A Ronin Sacrifice (Book One): A Grieving Passionate Soul
Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu keeped his eyes in every direction as he picked Akira back up, "Sorry about this." he said to her, now that she was awake he felt a bit embarrassed holding her, "We need to move, we lost a lot of time, we cannot afford to stay here any longer, we need to get out." he started walking quickly, but slow enough that he could properly react to any traps.

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"Oh come now. Armor like that? It's an impressive site for one who lives and works at a farm. Tell me, were you in the military before you lived here? Or did you work as a mercenary? You must have some tales to tell of that armor. Of that, I'm certain." Teriuihi looked him in the eyes and said this, smiling.

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A Austin Loudin

The sound of stone moving stopped.

Yoshikazu turned the corner to see, darkness with torches lit. With the amount of running, luckily the main traps seemed to be in the front.

"Careful. These ruins are trying to kill us." Ivan sulked.

Goodwin sweeps past everyone with her broom towards the other side of the narrow hallway. She chuckled.

"I would be careful going through there. I think I spotted some rickety bricks. Lucky me to have a flying broom." Goodwin was watching everyone with her star eyes.

Tet started to eat some of his bread.

"Oh, it truly is nothing much." Tet seemed nervous again from the smile. "Just some scavaging my sisters brought home." Tet smiled back a bit worried.

"Lier..." Sloth recoiled.

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Autobot Skyflame

'What was his first clue?' Yoshikazu thought as he took shurikens from his pouch and threw them in a way they'd bounce off every wall to the end of the hall likely revealing every trap in it, 'I can't afford any more risks. It is faster this way so that we don't waste time getting out of traps.'

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Teriuihi frowned. "Really? Because that armor looks old; in fact, I don't even recognize the craftsmanship. It's as though it was made by some artisan from long ago, his name long forgotten by history. Your sisters must have found this in quite the archeological find."

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A Austin Loudin

The flying weapons struck at nothing. No traps set off, the long narrow hallway was trapped free.

"Your mortal bodies do have a rough time getting through," Goodwin yelled out towards the three mortal demons.

'She isn't the one to talk.' Both Envy and Greed spoke.

"Mortal bodies?" Ivan asked but shook his head. "Doesn't matter." Ivan took a deep breathe as he charged forward into the abyss towards Goodwin.

"His name long forgotten?" Tet asked nervously as he eats another bread. "What do you mean by him?" he continued.

"You didn't tell me that your sisters used to wear bartenders clothes," Yuko yells out.

"Oh why yes, they used to when we needed the money." Tet chuckled worriedly.

'Does...he...know? Soul...is...right...' Sloth asked while suggested that is the right person.

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"Oh, you actually may know him. He was a very Slothful person, constantly sleeping or lazing about, but he commanded immense respect when he was alive. His works were impressive. From what I hear, he had four very close friends who helped him in his work, but things went a bit wrong at some point for reasons I can't discern." Teriuihi said. He smiled. "Come on, Yuko, they're clothes. Doesn't matter what they look like! Especially after that spill you took a little while ago."

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"Perhaps we could find somewhere to rest?" Akira requested with a sigh.

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A Austin Loudin

"Egg on about it and see where that tongue takes you. I like bartenders." Yuko complemented her drinking habits.

"Maybe there were reasons why one of them wasn't very close--or any of them." Tet seems to reveal more than he looks, he fumbled his words as he caught himself as he smiled more nervous than before. You could see the sweat on him, fragile farm boy.

"You ask an awful a lot of questions." Tet had a fake smile on him as he scratched his head. "Mister?" Tet asked for the name.

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Autobot Skyflame

"Once we get through this. You aren't out of danger yet." Yoshikazu said referring to Akira's wounds. He walked through quickly, but still carefully, once he reached the end of the hall he checked it, if it were a corner going around to another hallway he would be cautious about looking around the corner, but if it were the exit then he would slowly step out.

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"I'm fairly certain every village in the empire knows your love for them." Teriuihi snarked. "Ah, where are my manners. I am Teriuihi Sugar, of the Mortal Demons. It's a pleasure to formally introduce myself and meet you, Tet." He replied, sticking his right hand forward to shake.

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A Austin Loudin

The exit was at the end. Looking through revealed an open field of grass with a gaping hole from the top shining light down. Carved into the mountain was a waterfall, creating a lake underneath at the corner. A large statue hung in the back with a sword into the ground. In the middle revealed a small girl laying on a stone table with a statue version of herself.

This open field is enough for farming, tents, merchants, training, and everything imaginable. It didn't look at all inside a cave.

"What are you doing here?" Tet grabbed Teriuihi's hand and pulled towards each other to whisper, Yuko couldn't hear. Tet was reaching for his pitchfork with his other hand.

"You walk a deadly line, Sloth and your friend Lust." Tet felt as if he was compromised. "What do you want this time? Another execution?" Tet asked a bit angerly.

'Does he annoy me?" Sloth asked.

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"Ah ah ah, calm down. I am not Sloth; I am Teriuihi, the person who's been forced to house your former lord and the Laughing Demon, through no choice of my own." Teriuihi whispered, eyeing the pitchfork. "Truth be told, I don't care what it was you did or why. My stumbling upon you was an accident. All we came here for was food and water, before we moved on to s village to get some medicine before meeting our friends back East."

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Autobot Skyflame

"Here, you take care of her, get her wounds cleaned properly. Everyone else, I think we should still make sure there are no traps before we make ourselves comfortable." he handed Akira to Rin again, (sorry for just tossing you around Sae). He of course noticed the girl immediately he made his way over, he was ready to fight if it were a trap. He took a deep breath before touching her shoulder and lightly shaking her, "Are you alright miss?" he already knew who she likely was, but he was still prepare for a fight in case he was wrong.

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Akira grunted as she was passed off again. "Make up your mind about who's carrying me!" she huffed as her friend walked off.

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A Austin Loudin

"Friends?" Tet eyed Teriuihi as he laid back into his chair. "Funny way to say things." Tet was saying Sloth had no friends.

'Rude...' Sloth commented.

"Well, since you both have Lust and Sloth in you. I want to know why." Tet asked Teriuihi. "I don't want no side answer either. The last time that happened, Sloth almost hung me." Tet had a fake smile to annoy Sloth.

'....' Sloth just breathed in silence.

The little girl doesn't seem to budge.

"Her soul, she is the one." Envy spoke to Yoshikazu.

"Hello there," Rin said to Akira with a smile.

"So the rumors were true," Heartway said as she entered.

"See!" Ivan screamed out.

Teriuihi could hear stones being moved. The statue of the little girl started to move slightly.

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Akira glanced at Rin and gave a smile. "Would you please tend to my injury so I can rest for a while? I'm exhausted."

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Autobot Skyflame

'If she is your servant then that must mean this walking rock also works for you. Call it off!' he demanded as he was ready to grab his weapon at any moment, but he also avoided seeming like he was a threat.

He motioned for the knights to stand back.

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Teriuihi sighed. "Oh great, I see you're the same as Goodwin. What will it take for one of you to call us by our names?" He grumbled. "Regardless, I can't give you an answer since I don't know why these parasites were stuck inside me, only that they are and that I am completely different from them."

'No offense, Sloth. Laughing Demon, all the offense in the world.'

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A Austin Loudin

'There is nothing I can do.' Envy rejected to help.

The Laughing Demon chuckles.

The three knights start to move back as Rin proceeded towards the water to treat her friend's wounds. However, the statue of the girl took her sword from the ground, making it a heavy sword. He jumps up towards Ivan and strikes down on him.

He guarded with his shield.

"Stone beings? Just great." Ivan mumbled.

Jin uses his lance as he strikes the stone being away causing the little girl on the table to shake.

Goodwin just soars over to Rin.

"Wrath, you may want me to do the treating. It looks like you are needed." Goodwin smirked as Rin nodded by placing Akira onto the broom.

Rin runs up to Yoshikazu while Goodwin flys slowly to the lake.

"I think we met before Greed." Goodwin paid no attention to Akira's wounds as she whistles.

" Sorry, Teriuihi. I had a bad history with, uh, your other counterpart. Excuse my manners of a bad host." Tet gave a small smile of relief. "It is good to know you aren't actually Sloth," Tet said as he let his pitchfork down.

"Goodwin?" Tet asked, "Wait if she found you first..." Tet took a minute to think. "Did she pledge her loyalty to Lust, I mean your friend?" Tet asked a bit worried.

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Teriuihi nodded. "Aye, she did. Is something wrong, Tet?" He questioned as his mind turned to Goodwin. She hadn't done anything devious, far as he knew.

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"Akira." she replied, holding onto Goodwin so as to avoid falling from the broom. One day my life will be calm and not nearly this exciting while I'm wounded...

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu wanted to just jump into combat and fight. He had for so long just been going on adventures slaying demons, but now that he actually had people he needed to take care of he knew he had to think things through.

He noticed the connection and two solutions came into his mind, one was that if they destroyed it she might wake up, but that came with the risk of the link being deeper to where it could harm her. The other option was what he would try first, he lesned down and wispered into her ear, "Listen, I know you are a follower of Envy, he is right here, in some way he has come back for you. He needs you to stop your attack." he said.

He knew there was a possibility of that being pointless and that even if she could hear him she might not be in control of it, in which case he would not be annoyed or embarrased and simply go with the first option.

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A Austin Loudin

"I'm guessing not even Sloth told you either." Tet sighs with his everlasting smile fading.

"What about her?" Yuko said as she walked out with her outfit that dreadfully screams bartender.

"Would you like me to show you, both?" Tet asked with his fixed smile once more. "Although it means I have to pledge to Sloth." Tet deeply sighs.

"I suppose another lieutenant." Yuko sighs with a statement.

"Or I could tell you in words." Tet shrugs. "It doesn't matter to me but if Goodwin is involved, she is up to no good." Tet looked like he had Yuko annoyed.

"Cute." Goodwin shrugged. "For someone greedy," she added with a smirk as they approached the water.

The statue of the girl stopped for a moment. The statue twitched as so does the real body. The statue turns towards the two near the real body and advances to attack.

The Statue of the Girl leaps into the air to attack Yoshikazu but Rin intervene with her hands, causing bleeding from both of her hands.

"I won't let you hurt Kazu," Rin spoke violently and angerly. "Whatever you're doing Kazu, it might work," Rin commented as she kicks the statue down. Her voice sounded different from her own voice.

The little girl was shocked as if she was defibbed.

"Good," Goodwin smirked as she stopped at the lake. "I can feel Wrath coming out." Goodwin smirk turned into a smile. "Now Greed lets patch you up," Goodwin said as she dumps Akira onto the ground near the water as she jumps off the broom.

Water starts to come out from the lake as she had pulled out her wand.

"Hopefully Mistress's mortal body can handle this," Goodwin mumbled as she started to take apart of the water into bubbles.

'There is something I must tell you...' Envy told Yoshikazu.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu notices Rin's change, rather than continue with talking to the girl he lept into the air with his weapon out, he swung downards at the statue, which would likely force it to turn and block him instead of fight Rin. "Rin!" he glared at her, "Never use Wrath! As the leader of our small group and as your friend I order you not to. I told you to take care of Akira, not Goodwin, I also told you not to trust her. Get back there quickly!" he said this in a way that sounded more like urgency than rage.

"Girl!" he shouted to the sleeping girl, "Right now the body within Envy resides is in danger, stop your attack." He said, 'Be quick!' he told Envy

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"My name is Akira." Akira sighed. "And my avarice has kept me alive and granted me more freedoms than being a good little girl ever could have."

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Teriuihi sighed. "I knew that from the moment I met the witch. Whichever way you'd prefer to do this is fine with me. All I want to know is whether Goodwin intends on doing something foolish that will result in me chopping her head off."

'Sloth, what haven't you told me?'

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A Austin Loudin

"With that freedom with avarice had cost you dearly." Goodwin had a smirk. "Just look at you on the ground, bleeding and wounded. I'm sure the avarice you speak of is keeping you alive." Goodwin turned her expression emotionless as she hovered the parts of water over Akira.

"I hope you can hold your breath. The healing may sting a bit." Goodwin smiled.

The statue staggers backward. The real body moved slightly. Rin glares at Yoshikazu.

"I have to vent out my anger," Rin said violently as she pushes through towards the statue. "I'll remember you when you tried to tame Wrath," Rin spoke as if she was speaking in the third person.

'...' Envy didn't speak for a moment, 'Shes in an eternal slumber. The statue is only there to protect her body and nothing more. It won't kill her when the statue dies.' Envy spoke.

'How about the memory of why." The Laughing Demon chuckles.

Sloth was silent.

"Then showing you would be most beneficial for both of us." Tet scratched his left cheek with his smile returning.

"I, Tet, the former forth lieutenant of the Sloth Castle Affiliation would be honored if you will accept me again," Tet asked with embarrassment.

Teriuihi feels the Sloth's urge to accept beckons.

Sloth has overwhelmed you.

"I will forgive your very actions on our castle. I trust you to do every task, Teriuihi asks of you. As well to call him by his name." Sloth voiced out of Teriuihi spoke.

"I was like that?" Yuko asked.

Everything went to normal as power begins to rise in Teriuihi.

Teriuihi has full control.

"Heh, ready for the story then. Teriuihi?" Tet asked as he offered bread to Teriuihi and Yuko. He has a bright smile and a soft voice once more.

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"Thieving did not bring me to become injured." Akira said, bracing herself for the healing process. "Actually, my injury made it easier." Her thoughts drifted to a man that had tried to help her. She had declined his help, but only after swiping all the money he had on hand.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu is often a daredevil, yet he was also capable of being calm and collected, he focused this towards Rin, he knew his was risking himself, he attempted to make her envious of his calmness and wish to also be like that. "Stop Wrath, she does not belong to you!" he had to mantain his calm appearance.

He jumped back from the statue, but then he saw what Glenda was attempting to do, he wanted to help Akira, but his trust for Glenda was getting ever smaller, if she did anything to harm her, control her/give control to Lust, or give power/control to Greed he would ensure that no trace of he would remain on this earth.

He began to strike at the staue quickly with the poll of the weapon and the backside of the weapon as he knew that stone does not easily cut and would only serve to blunt the blade. 'Perhaps when I have ensured our safety, unless you can do it in a way that would give me the ability to fight and think clearly while viewing it.'

(Austin, I believe people would appreciate your presence for some things in villains)

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