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A Ronin Sacrifice (Book One): A Grieving Passionate Soul

Teriuihi groaned and shook his head in pain. "What happened? What did I say?" He mumbled. "Never mind. Yeah, go on, I think I'm ready." He accepted the bread an took a bite, curious as to what he'd be told. Hopefully it wouldn't make him regret not going with the others.

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A Austin Loudin

"Surprising that you haven't turned." Goodwin referred to giving full control towards Greed. "Not sorry." Goodwin last words towards Akira as she plunged the blob of water onto Akira.

Akira is engulfed by water as she is lifted upwards towards the sun.

"Oh Mistress Lust, I know you can hear me." Goodwin giggled, "If you will lend me some of your love, I would be in your debt." Goodwin proceeded as her eyes started to glow purple.

Akira's wounds start to be healed but at the cost, Akira cannot breathe.

Rin starts to feel a bit envious of Yoshikazu.

"Rin's...worrying and anger...will not be...quenched." Wrath's voice spoke as Rin staggered back. "If you don't stop...I'll have to hurt you too." Wrath spoke of harming Yoshikazu.

"But I don't want to hurt Kazu." Rin's voice spoke softly. "I don't want to hurt anyone," Rin spoke again as she looks at her hands, bleeding.

Rin staggered backward.

Jin comes behind as he strikes the statue. The statue staggers from the blows on both fronts.

"Wrath? A witch?" Jin asked as he held his lance against the statue. "Mortal Demons." Jin looked at Yoshikazu, "I bet we used to be enemies." he shrugs commented on how he used to be apart of a court.

Yuko feels her body being strained.

"Lieutenants are partially bonded with their leader after being accepted as a follower like we just did." Tet took a bite. "With that bond, the sins can use more and more of their power." Tet looked at Yuko. "The lieutenants that follow in your foot-steps can also gain just the same amount at a cost. Since you two are in mortal bodies, when we take a supply, it will strain the both of you and every other sin in mortal bodies." Tet was eyeing Yuko.

"Hey, keep your lieutenant's eye away from me," Yuko told Teriuihi, a bit slouch over.

"Sorry, I just can't stop thinking what Goodwin is planning." Tet looked back at Teriuihi. "Goodwin may be taking the route of strain you on purpose. She is known to be very exceptional in witchcraft and other magic." Tet looks back at Yuko. "If I'm correct, if she strains you just enough, Lust could overwhelm you," Tet said as he aims his pitchfork at Yuko.

"If we had Cedric, I believe his words would be wise." Tet sighs. "The next village is where he lives. Although there is a mist on the ground from what he created where it makes you tired and sleepy. It won't affect me or Teriuihi but it will affect everyone else." Tet still had his pitchfork aimed at Yuko.

"I know how confusing it can be but Cedric can clear everything up," Tet said to Teriuihi.

Yuko grabs onto her weapon's hilt.

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"Well, considering we are now both fugitives from the people we once protected I think that fact is meaningless." he said as he readied his weapon, but then he saw Glenda he felt anger, but he had to avoid showing it, "You knights, keep this thing busy, there is something that I must do!" he quickly turned to Rin, "I envy your kind heart and the will inside you to not harm people, that is the real you, not Wrath." he knew that had to work as he then threw five shuriken at Glenda while running at her, "I knew I never should have trusted you treacherous bitch!"

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Teriuihi heled his hands up partially to calm Yuko down. "Yuko, it's ok, calm down. Lust hasn't taken control of you yet, and I doubt she will when she knows that I'd kill her the second she did, so you're safe." He told her. "Tet, how far are we from this village? Would Cedric be capable of stopping this process?"

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A Austin Loudin

Jin proceeded to keep the statue at bay, some stone chipping was started to fall off.

Heartway intervenes as he begun hitting the statue at bay.

"Whew! Go, friends!" Ivan was there to give moral support.

Goodwin's eyes stopped glowing purple as she was hit by all of the thrown weapons. She gasped as the water fell down to the ground as Akira begins to fall to the ground. Half of her wounds were slightly healed then before.

"Traitor? I'm saving someone's life!" Goodwin yells out as she stands up slightly. She is bleeding. "If you want to be killed all of the sudden then so be it." Goodwin proceeds to draw upon glyphs above her, sucking the water out of the lake and turning them into ice shards.

"If you want more problems then before Envy, then I won't complain." Goodwin was in full sorrow, "It was foolish of me to want peace once more." Goodwin proceeded to shoot shards of ice towards everyone.

Goodwin's eyes once glow purple.

Yuko let out a gasp as she kneeled to the floor.

"If that is true, then I can feel pain. So much of it." Yuko started to breathe more and heavier.

"That means Goodwin is being harmed then plotting." Tet was shocked. "Cedric stopped researching about the bonds due to the death of Sloth and many other sins." Tet said quickly.

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(Why would she deny her betrayal when she just stated she was letting Greed take control and she sent Rin on a rampage)

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Teriuihi kneeled beside her in worry. "Tet, how far is it to Cedric's village? It's possible he may know how to sever these bonds, and I need her to be alright." Just what was going on with the others to cause this? They couldn't be fighting any of the Emperors soldiers, they knew that'd only get them killed.

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Akira started hacking and coughing as soon as she was freed from the water and curled up on her side for a moment to catch her breath. Then she stood. Having given her naginata away, she only had her tessen, so she stood and opened the fan and easily used it to deflect the ice. "Touch me again, and you will die a painful death!" she hissed at Goodwin.

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"Stand down Goodwin! I have no desire to kill you!" he shouted countering her shards with his shurikens, "If you were really trying to help then you should not have tried to both entice Wrath to fight and nearly drown Akira! I was protecting my allies, if you harm them then I will be forced to stop... considering you one." he looked to be a mix of angry and sad, "I saw Envy's memories, I know that there was once a peace between the sins, I have no idea what happened, but it is not going to be the same as last time!" he had tears coming from his eyes, "I don't have any plan on repeating the past, at this moment the ones bearing the sins are all friends, that peace can be preserved, but only if we do not let nonsense like this drive us apart."

"Glenda, if you agree to forgive me, I will repay you for it." He knew he was taking a massive gamble doing this, but he stabbed his weapon into the ground, "Don't force Lust to lose her friends again."

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A Austin Loudin

(She referred to the statement that Akira made about av helped her to surprise and she was surprised that greed hasn't taken over yet. Worded differently I can see but if you think about it, from Yoshikazu's perspective, she was choking Akira in water.)

Rin used her arms to be hit. Her right arm is now bleeding but she doesn't look in pain.

Jin sees the ice coming at him but he deflects it at the cost of the statue hitting him away. Jin looks below and sees bleeding as he kneels down with the lance dragged into the ground.

"Heh," Jin mumbled. "Armor to protect failed," Jin mumbled under his breath.

"Jin!" Heartway screamed as she came to his aid. "Come on now, get up," Heartway said as she tried to pull Jin upward as he started to cough. "The wound is nothing compared from your escape and torture Jin!" Heartway pleaded with Jin to get up.

The statute proceeds to strike from the air again but Ivan uses his shield to protect his friends. Another ice struck the table near the little girl.

"Funny coming from Envy." Goodwin chuckles sadly, "I don't forgive you." Goodwin finished her words as she lifted herself up a little by her broom. "Mistress Lust, I'm hurting. I'm sorry to disappoint you like this." Goodwin spoke to herself as she smiled when she has begun pulling out the thrown weapons in her.

"If you don't desire to kill then you haven't changed from last time." Goodwin referred to Envy. "That is a fatal mistake from last time Envy." Goodwin chuckled sadly once more.

"Cedric's research isn't complete, he may as well of burnt the research." Tet was worried as well.

"Why do I feel utterly useless. I feel that Goodwin is in trouble." Yuko spoke as she gasped for air.

"I can ride there to stop whatever is going on. Famine is fast, she is fast." Tet turned to Teriuihi. "The village is far and if Goodwin is in trouble then I may be able to get there and help." Tet seemed like he pleaded with Teriuihi. "If what you say is true that others are different then I'm willing to put my personal grudges back to help Yuko and you." Tet held his pitchfork with nervousness.

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(Does Tet mean he wants to go to Goodwin or Cedric?)

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Autobot Skyflame

(Damn it, Yoshikazu is to nice a guy to just do this. I need a while to think of a response)

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Autobot Skyflame

(A lot of evidence points to her being a real threat to them, but Yoshikazu doesn't know most of this.) (You are making it so clear that she is up to no good, but you are also making her act so genuine that it is really messing with my head)

(If these leads to Yuko hating them then I just can't do this kind of stuff)

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A Austin Loudin

(Go to Goodwin.)

(You just have to go along for now and see what happens.)

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"Go then, and hurry before Yuko gets hurt anymore. Before you leave though, at least tell me which way Cedric's village is. If you fail, then he may be the only hope I have of saving my friend." Teriuihi told him as he propped Yuko up and carefully maneuvered her towards the door.

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Yoshikazu knew nothing about the real agenda of the sins, but he knew that he was not one of them, and so he was not going be like them. He walked towards Goodwin, he looked at her, with a sad expression as he just continued walking towards her, now with his head downcast.

"Actually, it's not Envy, it's Yoshikazu." he looked up with a bright smile, he looked like he was hurting, he just kept walking towards her, "I am not Envy, Rin is not Wrath, Akira is not Greed, Teriuihi is not Sloth, Yuko is not Lust. The days when they had to fight are over, now they get the chance for a new beginning." he kept walking, "I am no leader, I have not the right skills or ability to judge situations, I am quick to rage, and I have a desire to be like those who have those aspects of a leader." he reached her, "But at this moment I am not any of those. I see a situation and i react on impulse, my decisions are based on emotion."

He knelt down, "I don't know the truth about this, all of this stuff is beyond me. I was just someone who found purpose in life just wasting my time a protecting people, I have never been the type to really think things through." he placed his fist on his chest, "Glenda Goodwin, I have no excuse for my actions except that I am a fool."

He looked up, "When I was a boy on my farm I envied other people who had friends. We lived out in the country where I wouldn't often get to meet or play with others. Because of that i could never really have friends." he stood up, "I now have the chance to make friends and... I want you to be my friend." that was something even he didn't expect himself to say, but now from him he felt like his emotions now radiated from him, this was true honesty.

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A Austin Loudin

Tet ran out the door as he whistled for his horse, Famine.

"The village is far that way." Tet pointed towards the exit of the farm. "Cedric is there. I know it." Tet said as Famine strides in.

Tet climbs on Famine as the crops around the horse started to seemly die.

"If you catch Cedric, tell him that Tet holds nothing against him," Tet said as he started to ride out of the farm.

Each stride was making the horse faster and faster but the crops around him were dying and soon perishing.

'He feels determined to save Goodwin. The horse is a curse for famine.' Sloth spoke.

(You made me cry... I love it... Sorry for the late reply, I keep crying...)

The statue continues to bombard Ivan's shield until it finally was cut in half as he was staggered back. His armor also penetrated through.

"Ivan!" Heartway screamed as Ivan was staggered backward towards Jin and Heartway. Ivan falls to the ground.

"I tried." Ivan sadly chuckled. "Who knew right?" Ivan continued to chuckle sadly. "Heartway, just get your daughter back from the Holy Court." Ivan snickered as he gasped for air as tears start to fall from Heartway.

The statue continues to move closer towards the three as Heartway gets up. Heartway hesitated as she swung her sword high but lowered it.

"I'm sorry Ivan. I'm sorry Jin. The both of you have helped me in my times of need when my daughter was taken away. You two believed we could save her." Heartway gulped and shook. "I'm sorry. I truly am." Heartway started to sprint away.

"There she goes..." Ivan chuckled. "To think, I'm going to miss that adventure..." Ivan happily chuckles.

"Even in death, you show no fear..." Jin's breathing slowed.

Jin was still kneeling while Ivan was laying, looking towards the sky. The doors of the entrance shut. As the statue closed in on Heartway pounding at the door. The statue raised its sword at Heartway crying and pounding at the door. The statue stopped when hearing Yoshikazu's speech. The statue froze.

The little girl starts to stir awake as Goodwin's glyphs disappear from the speech.

"Envy?" the sound of the little girl spoke, Rin turns to see the little girl raise slightly.

Goodwin just froze and tears start to fall.

"Envy...Yoshikazu..." Goodwin gripped her broom tighter. "I wanted to meet her again... I have been so alone without her for these years... I wanted to meet her again... Mistress Lust had shown me love that no one ever gave me... I just wanted to repay her..." Goodwin just falls slightly down but her broom lifted her down gently. "You're right, you aren't a leader, you are an idiot but it takes a kind-hearted idiot to try and change the world." Goodwin sadly chuckles, "I just been so alone... I don't know where my friends are after she died. I didn't know where to go, I just drifted and tried to keep myself occupied." Goodwin started to cry.

"When I found her again, I was hoping she came back. I was hoping I wasn't alone!" Goodwin screamed out.

"But you aren't alone, Goodwin." the little girl softly spoke as she started to take small steps towards Goodwin.

"Taila?" Goodwin looks at the little girl. "Your actually alive." Goodwin chuckled sadly.

"If it makes it feel any better, I had forgiven you." Taila just gave a gentle smile. "In my dying moments, before I was taken into eternal slumber, you didn't want to harm anyone. You could've followed me and Envy into these ruins and finished us here but I saw you watching..." Taila smiled. "I thought you had a crush on Envy." Taila giggled to brighten the mood.

"Don't worry. The two knights are going to live." Taila called forth. "Mercy," she said as she aimed her hands out.

Vines started to grow over Jin and Ivan. Taila looks at Toshikazu.

"I presume you aren't Envy but you share much likeness of my friend." Taila smiled. "I'm Taila. The keeper of the ruins and a friend of Envy." Taila spoke to Toshikazu.

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Teriuihi watched Tet leave and began making his way in the direction towards Cedric's village. "It'll be alright Yuko, you're gonna be fine. We'll get to this village and then we'll sever whatever it is that's hurting you." He glanced down at her. "Are you feeling any better now though? Are you good enough to walk on your own?"

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He smiled, he had no idea who this girl was, but he was glad to see she was now okay, "Well then, I am glad to meet you as well, Taila. I am Yoshikazu Adachi, I am sure Envy is glad to see you again." he said, 'Right Envy?' he asked, he turned back to Goodwin, "She's right, you don't have to be alone, I am sure Lust want you to be happy and that she'd want you to live on for her, to continue to show the love to others that she showed for you." he placed a hand on her shoulder, "Now you've got me as a friend too." He glanced back towards Rin and down at Akira, who likely doesn't fully know who and what all this is, "And I am sure you will have even more friends than ever."

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Akira sighed as she stowed away her tessen. "Yoshi, you should know I don't really have friends, thief that I am. Now where's my naginata?"

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A Austin Loudin

Yuko kind of nods.

"My body hurts slightly but now I'm feeling like I'm going to cry," Yuko looked disgusted with the emotions present.

Goodwin was silent.

"Taila is a good child." Envy spoke.

"If you don't mind me asking," Taila spoke to Toshikazu, "Why did you come here?" Taila spoke as she blinked.

Rin made her way towards Heartway.

"Miss?" Rin asked Heartway who was still crying. "I heard that you-" Rin was cut off.

"Please go away." Heartway spoke against Rin. Rin just nodded and slowly made her way towards Toshikazu and Akira.

The vines start to engulf the wounded Ivan and Jin.

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Teriuihi attempted to smile. "It's alright; cry as much as you want. I promise not to tell any of the others. I know you've got a reputation to uphold. And if at any pointy you can't walk anymore, tell me and I'll carry you the rest of the way."

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(Make a typo once, understandable, but make the exact same typo again. Yoshikazu not Toshikazu.)

"Um," he had to admit he found this to be an extremely awkward situation, this was definitely one of the strangest days of his life, "Well, I was told to come here to get more supplies and a possible location for our friends. Envy had also told me that he sensed you here so that meant there was a greater benefit to it." He explained. He looked around, "Does anyone else feel like this is a really strange situation?"

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"Awkward. Confusing." Akira sighed as she looked around. She spotted Ivan and Jin and frowned. "Hey! What do you think you're doing with the vines?!" She ran to the two and mooved to free them.

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A Austin Loudin

"I'm not crying again." Yuko scoffs as she stood up straight. "Let us just keep moving," Yuko stated as she started to take a few steps.

"Envy, why yes Envy would," Talia stated with her sweet smile. "If you need to camp here or anything. I would welcome the company very much. I've been asleep for...a long time." Taila starts to think to herself. "I'll talk to you in a little while. I want to talk to the sorrowful spirit." Talia giggles.

"The vines are to stitch their wounds up," Talia told Akira as she moved closer but instead towards Heartway. "The statues were here to protect my slumber I was woken from many emotions that filled the room." Talia knelt down to looks up at Heartway. "We'll get your daughter back." Talia smiled.

"Too sappy." Goodwin sighs as she started to drift away on top of the lake. Her legs dragged across the lake towards the middle as to get away from everyone.

"She is so cute." Rin proclaimed about Talia. "I don't get anything." Rin scratched her cheek but her blood on her own cheek.

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Akira sighed softly. She spotted her naginata and picked it up, hissing in pain as she bent over. She carefull strapped it to her back again, before walking over to Yoshikazu. "So, where did you find all of these people?" she asked. "Don't tell me you forgot about me."

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"Whatever you say, Yuko." Teriuihi said. His mind and destination set, he began walking in the direction of the village. He made sure to keep a close eye on Yuko in case she wasn't as ok as she made herself out to be.

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"We'd be honored if you let us stay here." Yoshikazu said as he placed his fist on his chest and nodded his head, "Of course I did not forget about my sparring partner." he said to Akira, "I worried about everyone who got separated in the attack." he did notice Goodwin moving away, but he just figured she needed a minute.

12/15/2017 #539 Report

Akira smiled gently. "Good." she said. "Other than that cut on my side, I think I got away in one piece, fortunately. Have you heard from anyone else?"

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