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A Ronin Sacrifice (Book One): A Grieving Passionate Soul
A Austin Loudin

Taila giggled as she grabbed onto Heartway's hand to move away from the door towards the table that Taila previously laid upon.

"Lay here." Taila gestured as Heartway sits on the table. "Or sit. However, it may please you." Taila nodded as she turned towards the Mortal Demons.

The sound of the water splash is heard. Goodwin's broom is what remains floating.

Taila floats over to the lake as she eyes the broom. "How sad." she sadly sighs as the broom near closer to Taila.

'Something is coming.' Envy spoke as to alert Yoshikazu. 'Moving fast.'

Greed just laughs along with the laughing demon inside Akira.

The Mortal Demons start to feel something coming in fast.

The sun raises slightly towards the middle of the sky. The dirt road leads straight through a forest once more.

"Now I'm feeling cold," Yuko said as she took her steps slowly. "Isn't the sun supposed to make me feel warm?" she asked.

Teriuihi starts to feel determination run through his blood. No doubt from Tet.

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Autobot Skyflame

(I am not sure I understand what you mean by. Is what remains floating. Did Goodwin disappear.)

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Akira frowned at Greed's laughter. I thought we discussed this. If you two aren't going to help, you don't get to laugh inside my head.

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"That is usually what happens. I'd give you a cloak, but we don't exactly have one." Teriuihi sighed. "Do you need to stop and rest? I don't think we have the time, but we can if you need to." The burdens of leadership... at the very least Tet was doing something to make him determined. Have to look into why that was possible later.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu did not know what was going on, but he knew he had to think quickly, "Alright, everyone, be prepared for whatever's coming. Do not engage unless absolutely necessary, try to remain peaceful unless no other option is present." he then took off his coat and his armor piece and dove into the water after Goodwin. He swam quickly towards where Goodwin went under while looking for her.

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Akira frowned as Yoshikazu swam out into the lake. "What exactly is coming?"

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A Austin Loudin

"I don't need to stop." Yuko prompt her dislike towards Teriuihi. "If it helps sever what ever this is, I'm going to do it." Yuko chattered as she quickly hurried along to catch up with Teriuihi.

Goodwin was shocked to see Yoshikazu as she waved her hands in a no fashion with her nods being no.

'Aw don't be like that sweetie, why don't you like our company?" Greed chuckled. "Maybe the girl has a golden necklace we can take." she prompt.

The sound of the wall bursting with Tet wielding a pitchfork.

"Goodwin!" Tet yells out. "Crud, what has she done now." Tet looks utterly nervous and down. "Does anyone know where Goodwin went." Tet said as he tried to stand straight.

"Tet?" Talia tilted her head as she moved closer towards Tet.

"Oh, Talia. I was sent by Sloth to see if Goodwin was here." Tet chuckles nervously as Talia neared.

"She feel into the lake." Talia pointed.

"Serious?" Tet stuck his pitchfork into the ground and sighs as he leans on it.

"She may be healing herself but Yoshikazu went after her." Talia twirled around as Goodwin's broom circled the two. "We do need catching up to do." Talia smiled.

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Don't you think I already thought of that? Akira countered. Nonetheless, she glanced at Talia in search of something valuable.

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Autobot Skyflame

If he weren't underwater he would have facepalmed. He swam back out of it, 'Like I said, I act on impulse. How was I to know she can breath underwater.'

He got out and saw Tet, "Who are you?" Yoshikazu questioned, he could tell no one was fighting yet, but he still wanted to be as safe as he could possibly be.

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Teriuihi nodded. "Understood." There was nothing more to be said, really. He got the feeling she didn't want to speak anymore, and he wasn't going to annoy her. Besides, he could use the silence to think about everything that had happened in the past few days.

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