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A Ronin Sacrifice (Book One): A Grieving Passionate Soul

Teriuihi sighed. "For now, the plan is to just survive, get acquainted to our new life as fugitives. Once we get settled down somewhere we don't have to look over our shoulders, well, I suppose we'll see. Me personally though? Aside from just surviving, I want to find the people who framed us, and kill them along with that fool of an emperor." He yawned. "Only seems right for putting us through this."

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Autobot Skyflame

"Shit! It's the Court!" he said, "Come on, we need to warn the others now!" he said running towards the inn, "Don't even think about attacking them. I don't think we're in any condition for a fight."

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A Austin Loudin

Yuko seemed a little surprised.

"Never took you as a revenge type," she commented. "If that is what you want to do personally then I'm going to watch from afar." Yuko was a bit cryptic in her words as her stoic tones seem to neither disagree with the leader nor agreed.

"R-R-Right." Rin said as she glances for a place to hide.

The Holy Court starts to enclose over the hill towards the village.

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Teriuihi nodded. "I won't stop you from doing that. But I swore an oath to protect from the supernatural, and those I've sworn that oath to have decided to kill me. I won't stand for it, not after all this." He sighed. "After that, I suppose I'll take a ship to the west, see what it's like for myself."

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu bashed through the door, "The Holy Court is here!" he yelled before running off to tell the rest of the men. 'Damn, was a day of rest to much to hope for?'

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A Austin Loudin

The Holy Court has arrived.

(The Conversation is loud enough for the Mortal Demons to hear and Goodwin.)

"Do you actually believe the giant girl is here?" A man with light green eyes, his blonde hair to one side along with wearing an all white robe with the symbol of the holy court on it. He is reading a book with his glasses.

"Cyron. Do not question why we must be here. We are here due to the scorch patterns of the villages. All burnt to the ground. If the giant woman is walking on foot, we have a distinct advantage." what appears to be the armored man of the group answered the questioning man. His armor is all silver and bulky while riding the horse with the banner alongside a helmet on him. He also has the symbol of the Holy Court.

Goodwin walks in the room.

"The Holy Court." Goodwin scoffs with a little chuckle. "Now that is funny." she smiled.

"The Holy Court is a big deal." Yuko grabbed ahold of her weapon tightly. "I can make haste with them." she declared.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu was doing his best to get all of the Mortal Demons in there ready to either escape or fight. Yoshikazu was hoping for the former as he felt that they were in to bad of a condition to fight the Holy Court. That and he had no wish to kill the soldiers.

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Teriuihi sighed. "Perhaps we can deal with them, but not without suffering casualties of our own. And not without causing damage to this village. Our best option is to make a tactical withdrawal. Our best advantage is they believe this giant woman to be alone; WWE can use this to our advantage, take them by surprise, and flee in their confusion."

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A Austin Loudin

"I think I found the tall woman." Goodwin gestured Yuko and Teriuihi to come look. "She looks pretty scared if you asked me. I can sense something very familiar about her." Goodwin suggested with a shrug.

Yuko goes over and grows a little pale.

"That's Rin Ironheart, Teriuihi." Yuko sighs as she ducks under the window when Ceron looks at the window. Goodwin ducks as well.

"If my suspicions are right, she must be Wrath. So about that plan, are we going to leave that giant woman behind?" Goodwin smirks. She seems she wants to laugh at the situation.

Rin is behind a building close to the Holy Courts. She had bandages around her stomach to show, she had been struck. She slowly moves away but stops when she hears footsteps.

"Cyron? What did you see." the bulky holy knight asked.

"I thought I saw a witch," Creon said with a quiet shrug.

"Mistress Lust, what do you want me to do?" Goodwin smiled at Yuko.

"Well, leader. What is the plan? Still the same?" Yuko asked a little bit more annoyed.

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Teriuihi hummed. "I'll do what I can to stall them while you sneak away. If things get tricky, I can put them asleep for a short period of time. If I'm captured, then leave me behind and continue somewhere else under the command of Yuko." He ordered. "Unless you've a better plan?"

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Autobot Skyflame

A voice suddenly shouted from a buidling, "I saw the Mortal Demons! Dozens of them, all fleeing to the south road!" the voice of course, belonged to Yoshikazu, he was trying to lead them away from Rin.

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A Austin Loudin

"If I may interject," Goodwin said to lessen tension. "If Wrath is the giant woman outside that house they seek. We could just leave her behind." Goodwin shrugs but Yuko gives her a glare. "Mistress Lust, its a joke. How about if I distract them?" Goodwin suggests.

"Distract them as in?" Yuko asked.

"Well, let's just say, they won't be following you anymore." Goodwin smiles. "On the account of Mistress Lust's order that is." Goodwin placed a blank expression.

"We don't even know where Yoshikazu even went." Yuko sighs.

"Since I have given my service to you, Yuko..." Goodwin winces, "I rather can find you pretty quickly because of Mistress Lust's bond." Goodwin closes her eyes and smiles.

"Then show yourself." Ceron said as he stared directly towards Yoshikazu.

"The hell is he doing?" Yuko asked an open question, even more annoyed.

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Teriuihi sighed. "Yuko... she may have a point. If she has a way to distract them that won't have Yoshikazu do something stupid, then we should let her. But since she only listens to you, she'll need your permission."

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu stepped out wearing ordinary clothing and with ink all over his hand and parchments and quills in his belt. He was trying to disguise himself as a writer, one who happened to spill his ink on his hand in the spot where his mark would be.

He looked shaken, "They came demanding food and supplies. When they heard you coming they fled to the south road. They were so terrifying, please sir, you must hurry to catch them." he was playing the part of a terrified peasant well enough. On one or two missions he had to do similar things.

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A Austin Loudin

Yuko became silent as she watched further.

"Which court does this village fall under?" Ceron asked the disguised Yoshikazu as he hops down a few feet away from Yoshikazu. He takes steps towards Yoshikazu. All eyes is on the disguised Yoshikazu.

Something hits in Teriuihi's head about a conversation earlier with a man. It feels like Yoshikazu is going to get caught.

Yuko still waits as so does as Goodwin.

Rin just stands there, worried.

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"He's going to get caught." Teriuihi stated. "Goodwin, do your thing, now, before they attack." He said as he sent his power towards them with the intent of forcing them to sleep.

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A Austin Loudin

The Holy Court Patrol starts to feel their strength being sap.

"Ceron... I feel like my..." a holy court solider was about to speak more until he slumps over to the ground asleep.

"You are hiding one of them!" Ceron said as he starts to recite a spell from his book towards Yoshikazu.

"Goodwin. Create havoc among the Holy Court." Yuko said as she looks outside the window.

"As your wish my Mistress." Goodwin grinned as sits on her broom to fly out. "Just know that I don't follow your orders, Sloth." she waved as she flew out the window to meet the enemy.

"Goodwin..." Ceron said as he stared at the floating witch. "What are you doing here of all places?" Ceron asked.

"Hereby from Mistress Lust to punish you for your crime against her court!" Goodwin said as he eyes glows purple and glyph of symbols starts to appear with circles around them going in different directions." Goodwin grins.

Ceron scoffs at Goodwin. "Do you believe that Lust is back? Your really funny, you know that." Ceron started to create glyph of the holy court symbols in the air. His eyes grows white.

"We now?" Yuko asked her leader.

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'Yes, well, Yuko follows my orders, which as good as means you follow mind.'

"Now, we grab Yoshikazu and run. I don't know how many of them there are besides these ones, but I'm not taking any chances. We need to gather everyone and leave, quickly." Teriuihi said. Unlike before, when he was tired and sluggish, in this life or death situation, he was fully active and at attention.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu used this as an opportunity to slip away. He got his gear back on and ran over to Rin, "We need to go now." he said quietly, but urgently.

(Honestly I really think that they in realty would have fallen for it)

(Werewolf, how would he be asking that question, he was in a building a second ago.)

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(Isn't she with the rest of them? I might have misread something)

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Autobot Skyflame

(No she is not)

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(Right, edited.)

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A Austin Loudin

"Right." Yuko said as she stared at the battle before them.

Rin was slightly relieved when she saw Yoshikazu and nodded.

(In the conversation, the Emperor doesn't send guards to protect the village. It couldn't be the Royal Court and the town is full of drunks... Holy Court not a big chance.)

Ice shards start to rapidly shot from Goodwin's glyph striking down one after another creating a heavy mist around the area of combat.

"I, Glenda Goodwin the fourth lieutenant of the Lust Castle Affiliation on behalf of Mistress Lust shall make your pathetic lives vanish!" Goodwin screams out with a chuckle.

Their banner has been ripped into pieces.

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Autobot Skyflame

Yoshikazu grabbed her hand and using the mist as cover he ran for the forest, 'I have lost to many people I care about, I'm not about to lose another.'

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(I'd ask who it could be, but I get the feeling you'll reveal it soon enough.)

"Let's go, Yuko, and use this chance to escape. I get the feeling she'll find us once we escape." Teriuihi didn't wait for a response and grasped her arm, hoping to drag her with him away from the village.

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A Austin Loudin

(Now its Ciron. Its easier to type and still sounds the same.)

Yuko is being dragged.

Glyphs starts to form behind the mist, one after another and another. A straight beam is shot through into the mist. A figure strikes from those glyphs straight towards Goodwin as she is jumps down to hang from the broom in the air. Half of the inn's second floor is demolished. Goodwin turns around to spot the figure as the debris of air goes away.

The mist disappears to show a bloody mess with the Holy Solider and the slightly standing Ceron.

"A spell-blade. Why the hell not." Goodwin seems annoyed then hurt.

The figure is in chain-mail with steel knight amour just on both sides of the shoulder and on the legs. The figure's eyes are dark grey with their blonde hair in a pony-tail. The figure proceeds to take the armor off of her as the pieces were struck with the ice shards. She wields a rapier. She coughs out some blood and a few scratches is on her.

"Holy Court General Amelia! Are you alright?" Ciron asked directly to the figure with the rapier.

Daggers starts to form above her and sent them straight to Goodwin. Goodwin jumps back on top of her broom.

"Didn't expect the Holy Court been training spell-blades." Goodwin smirks as she sits on her broom.

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(So Cedric is now Ciron?)

Teriuihi swore beneath his breath. "I get the feeling she's going to need help now that the General has arrived. You go on ahead, I'll catch up with her behind me." He told Yuko as he drew Reach.

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A Austin Loudin

(Different people! Cerdric is still Cerdric. Ceron is now Ciron! xD I should've been clear.)

12/9/2017 #268 Report

(Ah, got it. XD)

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A Austin Loudin

"I can fight too you know." Yuko stood tall as she tugged away from Teriuihi's grip.

Amelia had a weapon on her back. A sword inscribed by holy symbols. Outline and the symbols are outlined in gold as the hilt had the color of gold.

"If what you say is true, Goodwin of the Lust Castle. That would mean Lust is among us once more." Amelia had a blank expression. "The Holy Court would certainly be delighted to hear. The people would need our service once more." Amelia places back her rapier into a holder on her side as she pulls the Inscribed Holy Sword.

"I, General Amelia of the Holy Court will strike down the sins and all those of wrongful acts. Therefore, Goodwin of the Castle Lust shall be punished for your sins." Amelia raises the sword to the sky.

"RETRIBUTION!" Amelia yelled as a cylinder of light shines down upon Amelia. The light conceals her.

"You've had it now, Goodwin." Ciron chuckled as he watches in awe of his general.

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